EX Delta Species

Finally, some news! It could be false, though, but if it’s not, then… whatever! In terms of site updates, I have finished half of the EX Dragon scans, and I am expecting to finish the second half tomorrow, in which case I will add them to the site before I go on vacation.

Next EX Set Name?
A source has told me that the next EX set to follow EX Unseen Forces will be named “EX Delta Species.” This information has not been confirmed by any other source, and could be false, so do not kill me if that is not what the set turns out to be named. XD That’s all we know for now, and if any other information surfaces, I will put it up immediantly. Seeing as how the next American set could be the Japanese “Researching Tower of Horon” set, which involves laboratory Pokemon, the name of EX Delta Species doesn’t seem to be too far away from that sort of theme. So, who knows, it could be real.

EX Unseen ForcesHigh-Quality EX Unseen Forces Booster
A while ago, I posted [four EX Unseen Forces booster packs]. Now, we have a good quality version of the Typhlosion pack. To see the booster, you can [click here].