Site updates

All site updates today! No significant Pokemon news has really surfaced since my last update…

EX Emerald Scans Completed!
If I look at another scan from Emerald I will explode! I got all shook up over the borders on the cards and re-did the entire set twice, but went back even more times for certain cards to get the borders to be the same size. Then I realized you guys probably don’t care if the borders are all exactly the same size, so I just uploaded the scans and did not re-do anything else (see what a weirdo I am?). Anyways, [click here] for the set list and all of the scans. As usual, thanks go to Shakespeare for sending me the scans to edit and RainbowRichards for filling in some of the gaps. If you find any errors in the pages or scans, please report them in the commenting system. EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua will be coming within the next few days.

Worlds 2004 Theme Decks Added
Thanks to Flaming_Spinach, we now have all of the spoilers for the Worlds 2004 theme decks! To view the lists, you can visit our [Theme Deck Lists] section. Now if I only had a time machine to go into the future to see what the winning decks will be for this year…

Golden Sky, Silvery Sea Half Deck Spoilers
Golden Sky, Silvery SeaWe already have the main set spoilers for GS/SS up, but we did not half the half deck spoilers. In case you did not know, when sets come over from Japan to America, the half deck cards (which are not in the main set) and the main set cards are combined to make our own sets. So, without the half deck cards, we would not know what will completely make up our own sets. The half deck for this set include Pokemon such as Feraligatr ex, Meganium ex, and Typhlosion ex, and can be seen by [clicking here] or scrolling down to the “Japanese TCG Sets” section in the left menu, and clicking on “GSSS Half Decks.” Thanks goes to Vincent for providing the rough translations for the cards, which I had fun making into the phrases used on our own English cards (it’s like being a card designer or something). :p

EX Unseen Forces Scans and Set List
I might as well say this now. On the first Saturday of the EX Unseen Forces pre-releases, we will have a complete set list (for sure) and possibly scans from the set available on this site. While I will be getting the scans in the early afternoon my time on Saturday, I will be on vacation, so I might not be able to finish them until sometime on Sunday. Either way, the set list will definitely be up on Saturday morning, the scans will be up sometime that weekend, and you can bet that we will be your #1 source for the set in terms of scans!