Thursday – July 21st, 2005

[EX Hidden Legends]
[EX FireRed and LeafGreen]
[EX Team Rocket Returns]

If you find any errors in the lists or scans, please post in the news commenting system the error so that I can correct it. I will try to get up EX Deoxys and EX Emerald by Tuesday. A HUGE thanks goes to Shakespeare for sending me most of the scans from the sets and being kind in rescanning them if there was something wrong with them, as well as RainbowRichards who filled in some of the missing cards. My friend, Porygon, also helped in editing the card lists (and he saved me a ton of time!)

Tomorrow, we will have an article up by SuperWooper. I would have had it up today, but I couldn’t find where I put it. ^_^; (Can you email it back to me, SW?)

Also, the new set rotation might be revealed tomorrow on the official TCG website. Did the POP official from Comic-con (dubbed “Evil Master Trainer Mike,” as he apparently wants to be called :p) tell the truth to everyone, or was he pulling our legs? We will find out very soon, that’s for sure…