Format rotation

We have an exclusive bit of information for you today! I first heard about this information on Saturday, but was reluctant to post it as I had only heard it from one person. Apparently, an official from POP at Comic-con told several people what the next format rotation would be. At first, I did not believe the first person who told me what the rotation would be, but two more people have IM’d me recently, telling me the same exact news and that it came from the same exact POP official.

The next format rotation will be: EX Hidden Legends on. There is absolutely no doubt that this is true information, as it came straight from the mouth of an official POP head. Several other people that I have just talked to who went to Comic-con have also confirmed that this was said at Comic-con, so unless there was some huge conspiracy going on, this is true information. I was so sure that it would be FRLG on, too, due to it seeming more of a base set and having reprinted Life Herb, which was in the previous set. Feel free to discuss this in the commenting system, and to talk about any awesome combos that you think there will be!

EDIT: An official from POP has acknowledged this article, and has said that he cannot confirm or deny this information. If it were false, I would think he would try to shoot hit down, but he did not. He also mentioned that he would try to get an official announcement up this week (maybe tomorrow?) concerning the format rotation, but I think the truth has already been revealed.

EDIT #2: Also, incase you missed the edits to the previous news story, I will have up EX HL, EX FRLG, EX TRR, and EX Emerald tomorrow (all of the scans in each set). EX Deoxys will come during the weekend, and the rest of the EX sets will be up next week as I will have no more summer school for Art History! :)