Excuse the dust. I am still working on putting the pages up. None of the links work right now, but I plan to have that all fixed by tomorrow. EDIT: Some of the links now work.

Also, I have finished EX Hidden Legends, EX FireRed and LeafGreen, EX Team Rocket Returns, and EX Emerald. Those will be up tomorrow as well. EDIT: Okay, so they won’t be. I found a major error in the new layout and had to try and fix it. Then I had to learn how to use CGI so that I could install the counter on the right, and none of the counters I attempted to install would work, which I discovered last night to be due to me not uploading them in the correct way. Finally figured it out though, even though I wasted an entire day doing so. Anyways, I have redone one scan page on my computer, and have to edit all of the others to match it, so the scans of certain sets will probably be up tomorrow. FOR SURE THIS TIME! :)