new rotation, ef spoilers

Still working on getting the links up. It’s such a pain to have to go back and redo all of the pages because of the new layout. I hope to be finished soon.

New Modified Official and Confirmed
The official Pokemon Organized Play TCG website announced today that the new modified will be EX Hidden Legends on, as we posted on Wednesday. The new modified will take into affect after Worlds in countries such as the United States, while other countries will have RS-on. To read the PDF announcement, you can [click here]. It looks to me like they will rotate out the same number of sets as there are new releases in a year. For example, four sets were released this year (EX FRLG, EX TRR, EX DX, EX EM), while four sets were rotated out (EX R/S, EX SS, EX Dr, EX TM/TA). Could this mean that EX Emerald on will be the format for next year, since if this pattern continues, EX HL, EX FRLG, EX TRR, and EX DX will be rotated out? We can only speculate at this point…

Eidolon Forest Set Spoilers
Thanks to bangiras, we now have the complete main set spoiler for Eidolon Forest. To view the spoilers, you can [click here]. If you would like to see the Golden Sky, Silvery Sea spoilers (aka EX Unseen Forces), you can [click here].