Friday – May 20th, 2005

EX Unseen Forces Logo and Predictions
Today, GreatFox revealed the “EX Unseen Forces” logo. It can be seen [here]. Now, for my commentary. As I said yesterday, “unseen forces” could refer to ghosts. This logo further confirms my suspicion of this set being the Japanese Eidolon Forest set, which is based off ghosts. The logo to the set is ghostly and misty-looking, and the actual font of the logo looks like eerie writing. You would think that if it were Golden Sky, Silvery Sea, it would be a gold and silver logo, or would at least have a name related to something within the set. The argument many people have come up with it that the name of “Unseen Forces” could be referring to the Unown, if this were in fact the Golden Sky, Silvery Sea set. However, since when were the Unown not able to be seen? They may be hiding in chambers, but that really isn’t being “unseen.” If we look at the Gameboy games, you need a Silph Scope to see ghost Pokemon, and in the Anime, Ash needs to use Noctowl’s vision to identify and uncover ghosts. Ghost Pokemon are forces, since they can use attacks, and have to be uncovered by something to be seen.

Also, if we look at Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness coming out in October, the set after this one would come out in November, which could be right after the release of Pokemon XD if it were to come out in late October. If the November set were in fact Golden Sky, Silvery Sea, it would be promoting Lugia and other G/S Pokemon, which are found in the game. Wouldn’t it make sense for Nintendo/PUI to release it then? Releasing Eidolon Forest now would also be giving us a simultaneous release with Japan, which would be like EX Team Rocket Returns when we got it before Deoxys.

Yeah, so that’s all we have and know right now on EX Unseen Forces. The above is all my opinion, and should not be taken as fact. It is merely a prediction based on facts, and could be 100% wrong. We will have to wait a few more months before we find out for sure on what the situation is with the Japanese Eidolon Forest set, the Japanese Golden Sky, Silvery Sea set, EX Unseen Forces, and America. Right now, we can only make predictions on what will happen based on the evidence and facts that are out there.

EX Emerald Theme Deck Lists
I have added the EX Emerald theme deck lists to the Theme Deck section. [Click here] to visit it, and click “EX Emerald” to view the two theme deck lists. If time permits this week, I will finish editing the EX Emerald scans as well.