Thursday – May 26th, 2005

Tonight we have some exclusive news for you regarding EX Unseen Forces!

The other day I posted my prediction on to whether EX Unseen Forces would be the Japanese Golden Sky, Silvery Sea set or the Japanese Eidolon Forest set. My prediction was that it would be the Eidolon Forest set. Will my prediction be right? Will it be wrong? Well, tonight we have the answer for you! The results are in, and EX Unseen Forces will mainly consist of….*opens envelope as a drum roles*…..[click here].

EX Unseen Forces set description:
Between the known and the unknown, there are Unseen Forces! Lugia and Ho-oh are just the first of the mysterious Pokemon you’ll discover in the next Pokemon TCG expansion, EX Unseen Forces. This is the largest and most exciting set in years, with over 140 cards and exciting new gameplay! Discover amazing new worlds and battles. Collect all the “Unown” and uncover their ancient mysteries. Try to find the rare Pokemon Star! Look for new Pokemon-ex, new Trainer cards, a holographic parallel set, and much more! This set is a must-have for all Pokemon fans!

Wow, 140 cards. We haven’t seen a set this large since Expedition, Aquapolis, and Skyridge. If you would like to see the spoilers for the Japanese Golden Sky, Silvery Sea set, you can view ours by [clicking here]. This is going to be a great set! As for the Japanese Eidolon Forest set, we could probably get it at the same time the Mew movie comes out in America, such as with EX Deoxys coming out at around the same time as Destiny Deoxys. But, more on that later.

Well, need to go work on my research paper. More on this set should be coming in the next few weeks. We will be your #1 source for this set, and will have all of the latest news on it as it is released, so be sure to keep checking back here!