Wednesday – April 6th, 2005

Thanks to E-Bayer kobataka-san, who granted us permission to use his scans, we now have 25 Golden Sky, Silvery Sea scans. Also, with the help of Jason and bangiras from the PokeGym, we now have compiled a full card list for the set, though it is not complete in terms of rarity yet.

To see both the Golden Sky, Silvery Sea scans and the full card list, you can [click here]. Tomorrow we will have even more new scans.

Interesting Notes:
1. Before you freak out and panic, keep in mind that Unown R, Unown T, Unown X and Meganium/Feraligatr/Typhlosion ex are in the theme decks of this set. Therefore, they are not included in the card list, since the list is only of the main set.
2. The Shining/Star Pokemon in this set are Entei, Suicune, and Raikou.
3. It would seem as if this set has not finished off all 386 Pokemon. Abra, Kadabra, Alazazam, and Mew are the only Pokemon as of now to not be included in an EX set. Could this be foreshadowing a future set to come? Will we have a Mew set next to promote Mew being in Emerald for GBA? Who knows, they might just be released as promos in Japan and then thrown into our set, or we could in fact get a Mew set in the future.

Also tomorrow, we will have a TON of new translations, as well as some old ones that are in the news archive that I have not put on the site yet. I will probably put them all on to one page for your viewing pleasure. I will also try to update the news archive, since I have been kind of slacking off on it. ^_^;

Remember to post your comments on the set in the news commenting system! Also, be sure to check back here tomorrow for more GS/SS goodness. We will continue to be your #1 source for this set on the net, and will continue to bring you all the latest news/info/scans/translations on it. :)