Thursday – April 7th, 2005

FULL Golden Sky, Silvery Sea Text Spoilers
Thanks to bangiras, who allowed us to use his nearly-completed Golden Sky, Silvery Sea text spoiler, and GreatFox from [Pokemon Labs] who translated all of the Unown in the main set (thus finishing off all of the spoilers), we now have a FULL text spoiler for Golden Sky, Silvery Sea. The spoiler includes every Pokemon in the set, all of the trainers, and all of the energy. This set is going to totally change the format when it comes out, since it has so many possibilities, and I, as well as others, are totally looking forward to the release of this set, which will probably be set for sometime in August for America. To read the (long) text spoiler, you can [click here]. Be sure to post anything interesting you find on the set in the news commenting system! If you want to register for the commenting system to post comments, you can [click here].

New GS/SS Scans Added
Twenty-nine new scans have been added to the Golden Sky, Silvery Sea set list, mainly thanks to kobataka-san. Some of the new scans include Suicune *, all trainer cards in the set, and much more! To view the complete set list and the scans, you can [click here].

New EX Emerald Scan
[PS-Games] has posted a new EX Emerald scan, which is of Gardevoir. To see the scan, you can [click here]. What is interesting about this Gardevoir is that it has never been released in Japan, meaning it is a brand new card that will probably be put into a future Japanese set.

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