Saturday – April 2nd, 2005

Yesterday’s post was an April Fools joke. Since the bandwidth died again, I had to put it up late. Yesterday saw over 10 fake Pokemon released on the internet – all of which were totally realistic looking and convincing. People really went at it this year, probably since it is not too unlikely for a new Pokemon to be released now since the next generation is coming out in September of this year. We won’t see this many new fake Pokemon released on the internet until April of 2008, which is the year when the fifth generation of Pokemon will come out. ^_^; You can see the fake card that was stuck into the photo, which was created by Marcello-Milord, by [clicking here]. Also, thanks goes to Meowth346 from [Pokemon Forever] for going along with this whole thing! Anyways, on with the news!

New Golden Sky, Silvery Sea Video!The [official Japanese TCG site] has put up a new video advertising the next set, Golden Sky Silvery Sea. In the video, we see some new cards from the set not released on the internet yet, such as Politoed ex and Umbreon ex. There are also some other cards shown, but it is hard to make out what they are. To see the video, you can click one of the options below that meets your connection speeds.

More Scans and Translations!Also thanks to the official Japanese TCG site, we have some new GS/SS scans, which you can see below to the right. Vincent has translated some more cards, which can also be seen below. Looks like this set is going to be pretty awesome!Ho-oh ex – 110 HP[Poke-Body] Golden Feather:When Ho-oh ex’s HP becomes zero, move two energy attached to this Pokemon to another one of your Pokemon in play.(CCC) Rainbow Burn – 10+Does 10 damage plus 20 more damage times the number of basic energy cards attached to Ho-oh ex. (so the maximum is 130 damage with 6 different basic energy cards on it)Weakness: WaterRetreat Cost: [CC]Lugia ex – 100 HP[Poke-Power] Silver Wing:If Lugia ex is your Active Pokemon and is damaged by an opponent’s attack, flip a coin. If heads, return an energy card attached to the attacking Pokemon to your opponent’s hand.(RWL) Elemental Blast – 200Discard a Fire, Lightning, and Water energy attached to Lugia ex.Weakness: PsychicResistance: FightingRetreat Cost: [C]Tyranitar ex – 160 HP(F) Beat and Destroy – 30Discard any stadium card in play.(CC) Overturn – 30Discard a special energy attached to the Defending Pokemon.(DFC) Disturb – 70Discard the top card of your opponent’s deck.(DDFC) Final Strike – 120Discard the top 3 cards of your deck.Weakness: Grass, FightingResistance: PsychicRetreat Cost: [CC]Steelix ex – 150 HP[Poke-Body] Poison Resistance:Steelix ex cannot be affected by Poison. If this Pokemon is already affected by Poison, remove the condition.(MCC) Metal Charge – 70Put 1 damage counter on Steelix ex.(FFCC) Mud FlowDiscard 2 (F) energy attached to Steelix ex. Choose 1 of your opponent’s Pokemon and do 100 damage to it.Weakness: Fire, FightingResistance: Grass, LightningRetreat Cost: [CCCCC]


Well, that’s it for today! Hope you didn’t take the April Fools joke too seriously and are mad. ^_^; NEVER, EVER trust ANYTHING posted on the internet on April Fools, ESPECIALLY a new Pokemon. A new Pokemon would never be released on this day, so never believe it. :)

Also, there is nothing I can do about the bandwidth issues until July. I cannot upgrade my plan to have more bandwidth, so we are kind of stuck like this for a few months. At least this is good news, since according to my website stats, we are increasing in unique visitors dramatically every month. But for now, I will have to cut down on images so that they don’t use up too much bandwidth.