Monday – March 28th, 2005

I hope you all had a great Easter if you celebrated it!

EX Emerald Release Date Correction
Okay, on the previous update, I made a mistake on the EX Emerald release date. It will be released on the 9th, not the 16th. Therefore, the set WILL be legal for Regionals. Sorry if I caused you any massive panic attacks. :) If Milotic ex, the card that does not allow your opponent to play any Technical Machine cards, is released in EX Emerald, Rock-Lock (Dark T-Tar/Dark Amphy) probably will have a hard time at Regionals if people decide to put Milotic ex into their decks. So, for all of you people who were hoping that Rock-Lock would decrease in strength, you are in luck. :)

The Pojo Conclusion
Well, with the article I put up the other day on Pojo stealing my scans, the whole situation has finally ended. People from the PokeGym forums and the forums of Pojo itself posted topics on what Pojo was doing, and they attracted a lot of attention. While the Pojo thread was deleted by the webmaster himself (what a surprise), the PokeGym thread remained opened and the webmaster of Pojo actually replied in it.

In his first post, he basically stated that the people who work for his site have no problem taking images from other sites, and he really did not sound like he cared about the situation or would do anything about it. He tried to justify his actions, trying to say that what his site was doing was okay and that there was no problem with it. While I posted against him, he did not seem to care about what I had to say. However, many of the people from the PokeGym basically ganged up on the Pojo webmaster and told him he should not be doing what he is doing. I think the pressure of the PokeGym members got to him.

Without the help of the people of the PokeGym, I really do not think anything would have been acomplished and that Pojo would continue to steal my scans. However, because of the members of the ‘Gym, Pojo posted that he would no longer steal my scans. (He basically tried to brush it off as no big deal, since negative attention to his site would not be a good thing) Hopefully, this will be the LAST time Pojo ever steals any other website’s material, since this is actually the second time Pojo has done this. (the first time involved them stealing’s episode guides) I really hope they learn their lesson and do not do anything like this in the future to anyone.

With this whole situation, I do not think Pojo will do the right thing and take down the scans he stole or post an apology on his site since he does not want the general public to know that his site stole. However, I guess I am mostly satisfied that he is going to stop, and am just glad that this is all over.

So, in closing, props go to the members of the PokeGym (and some from the Pojo forums), who were able to pressure Pojo into stopping what he was doing. Thanks you guys!