Tuesday – March 29th, 2005

New EX Emerald Card
[PS-Games] is continuing their weekly posting of EX Emerald scans. Today, they have put up a Groudon card (click the thumbnail on the right for a larger picture), which was in the Japanese Deoxys vs. Rayquaza Collector’s Tin. This most likely means that EX Emerald will contain all of the tin’s Pokemon, although it is not really a huge number. (I believe the tin only has 18 Pokemon cards) Thus, it is likely that our EX Emerald will also contain cards from Japanese promos (such as the Speed Deoxys posted earlier), and possibly cards from Quick Construction Pack, since I can’t see Nintendo making our EX Emerald into a set from any other Japanese cards. There is also the possibility that some cards from Golden Sky, Silvery Sea will be thrown into the set early, since QCP and the tin together aren’t nearly enough to make 104 cards out of the set. (and that’s not including any secret cards) Only time will tell on how Nintendo plans on making this into a regular-sized set, and you can be sure we will have all the latest info!

Possible Milotic and Manectric Theme Deck Cards
I just wanted to throw this out to everyone since I am bored at the moment. As we all know, EX Emerald will come with two theme decks, each centered around Milotic and Manectric. Now that we know that the Japanese Deoxys vs. Rayquaza Collector’s Tin will be involved with EX Emerald, I guess it’s not too farfetch’d to say that the Milotic and Manectric in the tin could be the ones put into our theme decks. You can see them to the right in Japanese. (click for a larger picture)