Wednesday – January 5th, 2005

Just running in real quick – school’s been keeping me busy as usual. The scans will be down for a couple of days as I am changing around the filing system to organize the scans better in their directories. They will be back very soon. I will try to update soon with news, even though it has been a bit dry lately, so check back in a few days for an update. In terms of new scans, I have been working on EX Ruby and Sapphire and it is looking good so far. Expect those up within the next week or two. I will try to do as many sets as possible as soon as possible. (gosh, how long have I been saying that?) Well, when you are one high school student running a site like this all by yourself, it’s always going to be a hard thing to do. I might have to enlist some help in doing news updates soon, as people in the commenting system complained I have not been doing too many updates lately (which is true).

Also, some quick rules about the commenting system that I think should be enforced since now I know what to expect from you guys when you post:
1. Do not flame against a person or a website.
2. Do not ask to have content put up.
3. Do not post as me.
4. Do not post if you are from my school trying to SPAM up everything. (Lance, George, Jesse, that means you three)
5. Do not complain about lack of updates or ask to be an upcoming news reporter here.
6. ONLY!!! Talk about the current news/update story, or anything about PokeBeach in general.

Well, that is it for today. Time to get back to homework…