Friday – December 24th, 2004 – Christmas Eve

New Commenting System and Layout UpdatePokeBeach now has a new commenting system for each of its news stories, kind of like a mini message board. All you have to do is click “View / Add Comments” below a news story, scroll down to the bottom of the page that pops up when you click the link, and post anything you want to that is related to the news story. I hope everyone uses the commenting system and takes advantage of it, and that we are all able to discuss the news and site updates together. Also, for those of you using Firefox as your web browser, you probably can now see PokeBeach as people can see it who are using Internet Explorer. I have updated the layout to be FireFox compatible, so it should not look messed up like it did before. So now, once you have read through this news story, go post a comment and try the new system out!EX Deoxys Booster Packs and Theme DecksThe booster packs and theme decks for EX Deoxys have finally been revealed, as you can see below (click for larger pictures). The booster packs feature Attack Deoxys, Defense Deoxys, Normal Deoxys, and Rayquaza, while the two theme decks feature Deoxys and Rayquaza. EX Deoxys will be released early February near the release of the Destiny Deoxys movie, and as usual, we will have scans and a set list at that time. Thanks to [PS-Games] for the images.

The Next Japanese TCG SetThe next Japanese set will be called “Quick Construction Pack,” and will be released on January 21st, 2005 in Japan. The set features six energy decks, Water, Lightning, Grass, Fire, Psychic, and Fighting, all coming with one EX corresponding to the types, which are Milotic ex, Raichu ex (a new one), Cacturne ex, Camerupt ex, Dusclops ex, and Medicham ex. All of the energy decks will be exactly the same, and will come with 15 cards in total, 7 Pokemon (1 holo EX), 3 Trainers, and 5 Energy. Pictures of the decks and their EXs (seen in the center of each deck) can be seen below. (click for a larger picture)
Worlds 2005 InfoThe Japanese Pokemon website has recently released a logo of Worlds 2005, confirming that it will happen, which can be seen to the right (not like their was any doubt that it would not happen). Also, the official Pokemon TCG website has released a little tid-bit of info, stating that the location to Worlds 2005 will be revealed next month on their site. Personally, I am hoping it is in Japan or California, but until it is revealed to where it will be, no one will know for sure. Be sure to check back here soon for the location of Worlds 2005 or the official Pokemon TCG website!Professor Program Christmas CardsIf you are a professor, then you probably have already received a holidays card from Pokemon USA. If not, then it should be coming. Anyways, Pokemon USA sent out a holidays card to all professors signed up in My Pokemon. Nothing more to say, but if you would like to see the card, you can see mine by [clicking here]. Thanks Pokemon USA, and Happy Holidays!I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas Eve today and that tomorrow you all have a great day! Don’t forget what Christmas is really about, and be sure to have a safe and fun day!(now post in the news commenting system and try it out)

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