Tuesday – January 18th, 2005

Today we bring you some more information on Japan’s latest TCG set, “Quick Construction Pack.” Incase you do not know or do not remember anything about this set, scroll down to the December 24th news story to read about what it is.

We have some exclusive news today on the cards that will be in each energy deck, as well as some scans. Each energy deck will come with seven Pokemon cards, three trainer cards, five basic energy cards that correspond to the deck type, a coin, and a rulebook. Below, we have an exclusive deck list of what Pokemon will be in each energy deck, along with three card scans per deck. (click the deck names for the scans)

[Water Pack]:
Milotic ex, Feebas, Marshstomp, Mudkip, Glalie, Snorunt, Relicanth

[Fire Pack]:
Camerupt ex, Numel, Combusken, Torchic, Ninetales, Vulpix, Zangoose

[Grass Pack]:
Cacturne ex, Cacnea, Grovyle, Treecko, Breloom, Shroomish, Seviper

[Lightning Deck]:
Raichu ex, Pikachu, Electrode, Voltorb, Manectric, Electrike, Farfetch’d

[Psychic Pack]:
Dusclops ex, Duskull, Kirlia, Ralts, Grumpig, Spoink, Chimecho

[Fighting Pack]:
Medicham ex, Meditite, Hariyama, Makuhita, Rhydon, Rhyhorn, Nosepass

Seeing as how this set barely has any cards, I personally do not think it will be made into an American set. This set could easily be broken down into POP promos or thrown into different sets, and it would probably be better if it did not become a set because we would be falling further behind from Japan. If you have any opinions on to what you think will happen to this set outside of Japan, be sure to comment in the news commenting system.