Sunday – January 16th, 2005

More EX Gold and Silver Information
Thanks to vincent0906, we now have some exclusive information on EX Gold and Silver that you will not find anywhere else! According to Vincent, there will be three pre-construction decks released in Japan before this set is released, as with all EX sets in the past. The three pre-construction decks will feature Feraligatr ex, Meganium ex, and Typhlosion ex, and will all be named after those cards, plus the energy type of the deck. For example, the Feraligatr deck will be named “Feraligatr-ex Water.” Each deck will contain 30 cards, a coin, a rulebook, and all decks of the same type will be exactly the same. The decks will be released on March 11th in Japan for 945 yen each. Only two months to go before this set is released in Japan, and you can be sure that we will be your #1 source (and are your #1 source) for this set on the net!

3-D Mew Movie
As many of you already know and as we have reported in the past, there will be a Pokemon Park opening in Nagoya, Japan on March 18th for 192 days. If you would like to learn more about the Poke-Park, you can visit its official site by [clicking here]. Anyways, the official Japanese Pokemon website has announced that with the opening of the Pokemon park will be the premiere of a 3-D Pokemon movie featuring Mew, which will be shown from the opening of the park through September 25th. It is unknown to what the movie is all about, but what we do know is that the movie will involve searching for Mew as you watch it and that it will not count as a regular Pokemon movie, but more of as a short. I have a feeling that this will the special promotion in Japan in which people will be able to get the special ticket for Pokemon Emerald that allows you to go to World’s Edge island to catch Mew. We will update you on the movie as soon as more information is released.

New Card of the Week
SuperWooper and Skarmory777 have written a Card of the Week on Slowbro from EX FireRed and LeafGreen. To read the Card of the Week, you can visit our *coughoutdatedcough* Card of the Week section by [clicking here].