Saturday – January 22nd, 2005

Destiny Deoxys Airing Today, Video Clip from Movie
Destiny Deoxys will be airing today on Kids’ WB for the first time in America, and as of yet, it will be the only time you will be able to see it between today and when the movie comes out on DVD/VHS on February 15th. To check what time it is playing in your area, you can open the Kids’ WB schedule by [clicking here] and entering your zip code. Also, if you would like to see a preview clip of the movie, you can visit a page on the Kids’ WB’s website, which has a pretty long one, by [clicking here]. After you watch the movie, be sure to post your comments about it in the commenting system.

EX Deoxys Pre-Releases
The Deoxys pre-releases are just around the corner! As usual, we will have a set list and scans of the set when it comes out, so after you attend your pre-release (or before you do), be sure to check out the scans we will have so that you will know what to expect when you attend your pre-releases. To find a pre-release near you, you can visit the pre-release locator by [clicking here].

New COTW and Featured Article
Penguin Master has written a Card of the Week on Mr. Mime ex (Even) from EX FireRed and LeafGreen. To read the article, you can visit the Card of the Week section by [clicking here]. He also wrote a Featured Article on the current metagame and EX Deoxys, which you can read by visiting our Fatured articles section by [clicking here].

New Header
I have updated the header since we have so much Deoxys stuff this month. We will be having EX Deoxys, the EX Deoxys pre-releases, Destiny Deoxys the movie, EX Deoxys TCG Articles, and maybe even soon we will be able to catch Deoxys in our gameboys for those of us who missed Pokemon Rocks America! That’s a lot of Deoxys! Anyways, I cropped out the Deoxys shown in the banner from a Nintendo ad that advertises EX Deoxys (took about 5 hours), and I got the aurora picture from a friend, which makes up the background. I hope you like the new banner, since it must had been the most time-consuming one I have ever worked on, and that you enjoy it!