Wednesday – October 13th, 2004

     .::  Wednesday – October 13th, 2004
More Japanese EX Team Rocket Returns Scans
Today we have even more Japanese EX Team Rocket Returns scans! Some scans include Dark Sandslash, Dark Octillery, Dark Electrode, Dark Slowking, Azumarril, and Darkness Metal Energy (a combined energy card of both Darkness and Metal) To see them, click the links below. We are the #1 site for EX Team Rocket Returns on the web, and have the most scans out of any other website, so be sure to keep checking back here all the time for the latest news! We will most likely be the first site to have complete high-quality English scans of the set, and are planning on having those scans up on October 30th, so you definitely want to check back then!

[Set 1]
[Set 2]
[Set 3]
[Set 4]
[Set 5]

EX Team Rocket Returns Pre-Release Locator Up!
The EX Team Rocket Returns pre-release locator is now up! To find a pre-release near you, you can [click here]. Pre-releases will be taking place during the weekend of Halloween and the first weekend of November.
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