Monday – October 11th, 2004

     .::  Monday – October 11th, 2004
Sorry for not updating yesterday. My parents got tickets to go to Knott’s Berry (Scary) Farm at the last minute, so I decided to go and left to go to the theme park at 6, and got home at about 2 in the morning. I had a blast, except for the dead bride that was following me for two hours trying to scare me. She finally gave up when I turned around and yelled at her to leave me alone since she was scaring my youngest brother, and her act was getting old to me (all she did was scream in my face and run in front of me and stare at me). You can imagine how boring that gets after two hours. And no, Knott’s is not actually a berry farm (although it used to be), it is an amusement park that is two times better than Disneyland and Six Flags, and is a theme park that California is known for, especially at Halloween when they turn the whole park into a haunted place with monsters running around. :) Anyways, enough about me, on with the news!

Dozens of Japanese EX Team Rocket Returns Scans
Thanks to the Japanese E-bay website, we now have a couple dozen pics of EX Team Rocket Returns cards. Some cards include Rocket’s Hitmonchan ex, a different kind of Dark Houndoom, Rocket’s Snorlax ex, Togetic, Kingdra, Shining Treeko (look at the previous news story for the two other shinings) and various other cards. Click the links below to see the sets of images.

[Set 1]
[Set 2]
[Set 3]
[Set 4]
[Set 5]
[Set 6]
[Set 7]
[Set 8]
[Set 9]
[Set 10]

Kids’ WB Create-a-Card Contest Promos
Thanks to Team Nature Trainer, we have scans of the Kids’ WB Create-a-Card Contest promos. The cards have not been released yet to the general public, and it is not known when they will be, but when they are, we will be sure to tell you! All five scans of all five promos are below, as well as the booster pack they come in. (click the pic for a larger image)

POP Professor Test
The Pokemon Organized Play (POP) website has put up the professor test at last! If you are 15 or older and have a My Pokemon account, you can take the test. Apparently, if you fail the test, you will have two weeks to re-take the test, but if you fail that one, you have to wait another whole year! So, before you take the test, be sure to read up on the rules of the Pokemon TCG! For more information on the test and the benefits of being a professor, as well as where you can take the test, you can [click here].

At Pokemon Rocks America, it was revealed to people the English name of the Pokemon, Gonbe. Incase you do not know who Gonbe is, it is the pre-evolution of Snorlax, is not one of the 386 Pokemon, and is a 4th generation Pokemon that will most likely be in Pearl and Diamond. Anyways, people were told that English name of it was Munchlax. “Munch” meaning it likes to, well, munch on food (or trash in its case), and the lax coming from its Red and Blue evolution, Snorlax. We will keep you updated on any new Pokemon that are released in the upcoming months.

7th Pokemon Movie – Deoxys
Also at Pokemon Rocks America, there was a poster floating around with the name of the 7th Pokemon movie and its released date. The name of the 7th movie is “Destiny Deoxys,” and it will be released on DVD/VHS on February 11th, 2005. Incase you did not know, the Deoxys movie features both the DNA Pokemon, as well as Rayquaza and the pre-evolution of Snorlax, Munchlax. I know I will be the first one in line to get this movie, because it is so good that it even rivals Pokemon 2000! The movie is also the first one since Pokemon 3 that is nearly an hour and a half, meaning it is not as short as Pokemon 4Ever, Pokemon Heroes, and Jirachi Wishmaker, and is long as Pokemon the First Movie, Pokemon 2000, and Pokemon 3 (and is even better or as good as the latter three). We will keep you updated on any more goodies that are released between now and February on the movie!

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