Thursday – October 7th, 2004

     .::  Thursday – October 7th, 2004
The First English EX Team Rocket Returns Scans
Today we bring you your first look at English scans of EX Team Rocket Returns, which includes Rocket’s Mewtwo ex, Rocket’s Meowth, and Rocket’s Mission. We are the first website to feature these scans, so enjoy! To see them, just look below this paragraph. (to see a much larger version of them, simply click the thumbnail below). Thanks to Pokeblob from the PokeGym for providing us with these scans!

Complete Spoilers of All Released EX Team Rocket Returns Cards
Also today, thanks to the combined efforts of Roarkiller, TheSuperLapras, and vincent0906, we also have every single translation of every single EX Team Rocket Returns card that has been released to the public (except for Rocket’s Raikou ex and that weird ring trainer card since they are too small to read). All of the translations are totally accurate, and have all been confirmed by several people, so you can bet that these are how the English cards will look (except attack names since they will most likely be renamed). To read all of the translations, you can [click here]. To view scans of all of the cards, simply scroll down this page and look at previous news stories.

Your Complete Guide to Not Being Considered a Thief!
I have been getting more people stealing from this site lately with all of our EX Team Rocket Returns news, and I just want to make a few things clear. First of all, if you want to show someone translations from our site and you paste them on a message board or website, post a link to this site and do not just post the spoilers without giving any credit, or saying a Japanese exchange student who lives with you just happened to have the exact translations on the same day as I posted them on this site. :/ In my eyes, I believe it is okay to use text spoilers from this site as long as you give the proper credit (proper credit is posting a link, with which some people have not been doing). People who do not give credit to this site and take info from it are considered thieves. With scans or images, I absolutely do not want anyone to imbed an image in a web page or a forum using our images. That is a total no-no, because it sucks up our bandwidth quicker than an Oreck vacuum cleaner. Direct linking to an image is also a no-no, because it does the same thing as imbedding an image. If you would like to show someone a scan or an image from this site, such as the English scans we have today, direct them to this site. Do not save it and upload it on your own server, direct link to it, or do anything of the sort. People who do steal from this site after this message is posted will be permanently banned from viewing it, and there will be a zero tolerance policy. (7 people have been banned already, and that is because they have been repeat offenders)

The bottom line is “Do not take or post images, refer people to this site. When using text spoilers, post a link to this site.” It’s as simple as that. :)

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