Friday – October 8th, 2004

     .::  Friday – October 8th, 2004
The Next Generation of Pokemon Games
The next generation of Pokemon games has been announced! Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl will be released towards the end of next year, and will be featured on the next Nintendo system, the Nintendo DS, which will be released on November 21st this year for $149.99. No further information has been released on these two games, but when new information breaks, you can be sure we will have it! Looks like Pokemon will live on for at least another three years with this fourth generation of games and new Pokemon.

Pokemon Dash for the Nintendo DS
Another game that is being released for the Nintendo DS is Pokemon Dash, which is a racing game (box art and game card are on the right, click for larger image). The release date for this game is December 2nd of this year, but only for Japan. It is unknown to whether this game will be released in America, but if it is, it will most likely be the first Pokemon game for the Nintendo DS to be released. To see images from the game, you can visit a page on the website, The Magic Box, by [clicking here].

If you did not visit yesterday to see the update, be sure to scroll down to the previous news story. We had English EX Team Rocket Returns scans and text spoilers. Something you definately do not want to miss out on!

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