EX Hidden Legends Pokemon TCG Website Updates

EX Hidden Legends Pokemon TCG Website Updates
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Tuesday – June 29th, 2004

»EX Hidden Legends Commercial: As you may have seen from television stations such as Cartoon Network and Kids’ WB, a new EX Hidden Legends commercial has been airing. The commercial shows the cards Dark Celebi, Registeel ex, Regirock ex, and Regice ex, along with a woman saying Awaken the secret within. Pokemon TCG EX Hidden Legends. You can find them at Pokemon-TCG.com. The commercial is only 15 seconds long, but to watch it from the official Pokemon TCG website, you can [click here]. Remember, EX Hidden Legends has now been officially released, so run down to your local Target store or card shop to get some booster packs.

»Dark Celebi Walpaper: The official Pokemon TCG website has not only put up a new commercial for EX Hidden Legends, but has once again put up new wallpaper of the set. The wallpaper is of Dark Celebi (as seen to the right), the Pokemon, not the card, and can be downloaded below.

Dark Celebi: [800×600 – Small]
Dark Celebi: [1024×768 – Medium]
Dark Celebi: [1280×1024 – Large]

PokéBeach Reminder

»Be sure to sign up for our Pokemon Apprentice League in the forums if you have downloaded Apprentice. If you want to download Apprentice and sign up for our league, join our message boards by [clicking here], and then going to Pokemon Apprentice League under Trading Card Game and reading through the three topics, which is where you download it and sign up.