New Pokemon Games, New Japanese Promos, 2-on-2 Team Multiplayer Battling

New Pokemon Games, New Japanese Promos, 2-on-2 Team Multiplayer Battling
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Thursday – July 1st, 2004

Sorry for not updating yesterday. I started to take Summer School on Monday (unexpectedly) for Drivers Ed, since I found out you can only take it in the summer, and came home with a major migraine on Tuesday. I went to bed throwing up, and woke up just an hour before school started yesterday (Wednesday) and was feeling fine. So, I did the homework that I was supposed to do, and went to school, unable to update the site. Drivers Ed. Ends next Thursday for me, so when that happens, I will truly be free for the summer. I also will start the scans again the day I get out of Summer School, which means they will be delayed until then. Sorry about that!

»Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon WaterBlue: Thanks to Zak from the PokeMasters forums and the website, [Pokemon Forever], we now know of a new Pokemon game that will be released in Japan soon, as well as one that could be released. The new game that will definitely be released in Japan will be called Pokemon Emerald, and will feature Rayquaza. The game could involve fourth generation Pokemon, or could simply be a remake of Ruby and Sapphire since it is based off of a Ruby and Sapphire Pokemon. To the right, you can see the logo of the game on a Japanese magazine cover underneath the mouth of Rayquaza (the image is from Pokemon Forever). Also, there is a possibility that there could be a remake of FireRed and LeafGreen if this game is in fact a remake of Ruby and Sapphire, since WaterBlue was also trademarked with Nintendo when they trademarked FireRed and LeafGreen. This could mean we could be seeing a WaterBlue game in Japan soon, along with Pokemon Emerald. Once Pokemon Emerald is released, we will know much more about any future Pokemon games and if they will involve any fourth generation Pokemon.

»New Japanese Promos: The new Japanese Meiji chocolate set has been released in Japan. As we said before, one of the Attack Deoxys cards would be in the set, as you can see below. Most of the cards will most likely be thrown into an English set when they are released, or some could end up being made into promos, such as the Attack Deoxys. To view larger images of the scans, click the thumbnails below. Thanks to TheRealWobbuffet from the PokeGym for posting these scans.

»2-on-2 Team Multiplayer Battling: The official Pokemon TCG website has finally released the rules for 2-on-2 Team Multiplayer Battling. The rules consist of setting up, general game play, and card references. To read the rules so that you can start to play in this battle variant, you can visit the page with all of the rules at the official Pokemon TCG website by [clicking here].

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»Be sure to sign up for our Pokemon Apprentice League in the forums if you have downloaded Apprentice. If you want to download Apprentice and sign up for our league, join our message boards by [clicking here], and then going to Pokemon Apprentice League under Trading Card Game and reading through the three topics, which is where you download it and sign up.