Lots of New FireRed and LeafGreen Info, Card Scan Mania

Lots of New FireRed and LeafGreen Info, Card Scan Mania
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Monday – June 28th, 2004

»New FR/LG Info: The official Nintendo website has been updated with some cool new information on FireRed and LeafGreen for GBA, as well as many screenshots. The first feature it reveals about the games is that when you turn on your game, a flashback will be created in black and white of what you did during the last time you played. The flashback will give you visuals of what you did, and will describe what you did. The flashack will show you things such as items you obtained and other important events that happened. Another new feature added to the games is Teachy TV, which will give visual instructions on battling, status conditions, TMs, and much more. It is the perfect component in helping novices in the game, and will introduce people to the Pokemon games who are unfamiliar with them. If Teachy TV can’t help you, the game will also include help menus that answer many frequently asked questions. As for the PokeDex, it has been upgraded and is even better than the Hoenn one. The PokeDex will now classify each Pokemon into a group, such as Forest and Grassland Pokemon. It will also tell you how many times you have seen a certain Pokemon, and how many of that certain Pokemon you have captured. Along with the new information, the Nintendo website has also added more screenshots to their FireRed and LeafGreen gallery, which can be seen by [clicking here]. Remember, Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen will be released September 9th in the United States.

»Card Scan Mania: Well, I now have every single scan of every single Pokemon card ever released (from the sets) saved on my computer, in very high quality. Shakespeare finished sending me all of the scans yesterday, so now all I have to do is edit and upload them all. Boy oh boy, I am going to have a very long and busy summer, since I have to edit over 1000 cards. ^_^; I will try to get them all up by the end of the summer, and when I do, PokeBeach will be the first website on the internet to feature every Pokemon TCG card ever made in very high quality.

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