New EX Hidden Legends Info, EX Team M/A Sold Out, Jungle Scans Coming!

New EX Hidden Legends Info, EX Team M/A Sold Out, Jungle Scans Coming!
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Thursday – May 20th, 2004

Hehe, I only had three homework assignments tonight. :)

»EX Hidden Legends Not E-Reader Compatible: Apparently, EX Hidden Legends will not be e-reader compatible. So far, everything released about the set has suggested it, since all of the merchandise is missing the e logo and since the official set name does not have the e in it as well. Hopefully, though extremely doubtful, Nintendo will increase the number of cards in each booster pack to eleven cards, since Wizards of the Coast only decreased the amount to pay for the very expensive bar codes.

»New Types of Holofoils in EX Hidden Legends: EX Hidden Legends will be featuring new types of holofoil cards. So far, we know the cards that will have this new holo style will be Regirock ex, Regice ex, and Registeel ex. The holos look like a cross between an EX-holo and a Crystal holo (such as Nidoking, Lugia, and Kingdra from Aquapolis). To see an example of what the holofoils for the Regi’s will look like, you can look at the Japanese version of Regice ex from by [clicking here]. We will keep you updated on EX Hidden Legends as more info is released.

»EX Team M/A Sold Out!: EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua has completely sold out and Nintendo will not be making anymore print runs of the cards. Apparently, the reason they sold out so quickly was because of all the tournaments going on lately in which the set was given out as prizes. So, you better run down to your local card shop and grab as many packs of it as you can before they are completely gone from the shelves!

»Jungle Scans Up Within the Week: Shakespeare from the PokeGym has sent me all of the Jungle scans. For the rest of the week, I will be editing the scans, and will eventually get them uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Thanks Shakespeare for all your hard work in scanning them!

News/Event Reminders

»Be sure to sign up for our Pokemon Apprentice League in the forums if you have downloaded Apprentice. If you want to download Apprentice and sign up for our league, join our message boards by [clicking here], and then going to Pokemon League under Apprentice League and reading through the three topics, which is where you download it and sign up.