EX Hidden Legends Stuff, New Scans Coming Soon

EX Hidden Legends Stuff, New Scans Coming Soon
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Wednesday – May 19th, 2004

Once again I had a lot to do last night. Well, actually, I only had one thing to do. My stupid laptop decided that it wanted to become corrupted, so I had to totally reload Windows and all other programs I had installed. In the process, my entire English newspaper project that I have been working on for weeks was erased! So, last night, I spent literally 12 straight hours on it from 5 PM to 5 AM in the morning. I didn’t get one wink of sleep, unfortunately, and didn’t get to eat dinner or I would not be able to finish it. Luckily, I finished it right before I had to go to school, so if I would had slacked off just by 3 minutes, I would have had to go to school without it being complete. Anyways, don’t be surprised if I miss a day of updating. Since there is only like 3 more weeks of school left for me, we are entering crunch mode, so I will most likely be plummeted with homework, reports, tests, etc. However, as soon as school is over, this site is totally getting new content added.

»EX Hidden Legends Pics: PokeSchool.com has gotten pictures up of the EX Hidden Legends booster box and deck boxes. The first theme deck, which features Jirachi, will be called Wish Maker and the second one featuring Celebi will be called Forest Guardian. Funny how the Jirachi box is named after Jirachi Wishmaker the movie, and how Forest Guardian is named after the supporter card. Anyways, to see the large picture of the booster box, click the thumbnail on the right. To see the large picture of the theme decks, click the theme deck thumbnail on the right.

»Jungle Scans Are Coming: This week, we will be getting our Jungle scans up thanks to Shakespeare from the PokeGym. In the future, we will also be getting up the rest of the set scans by the end of this year. Be sure to check back for the scans!

News/Event Reminders

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