100+ Leaf Green Screenshots, Deoxys, New GBA SPs, Site Updates

100+ Leaf Green Screenshots, Deoxys, New GBA SPs, Site Updates
By: Water Pokémon Master — Monday – February 2nd, 2004

»Leaf Green Screens: I started to play Leaf Green and have nearly gotten up to Mt. Moon. I stopped playing after the Super Bowl came on and when my Squirtle evolved. To view the GIF file, [click here]. There are over 100 screen shots so it may take a while to load.

»Deoxys and Different Gameboy Sprites: For those of you who don’t know who Deoxys is, it is the Mewtwo of Ruby and Sapphire and has been kept a secret by Nintendo (as with Jirachi). It is a space virus Pokemon that was formed when a laser created by humans hit a space virus, which mutated into Deoxys. As you may have read in the past on this site, the 7th movie which comes out in July in Japan will feature this Pokemon, as well as Rayquaza. Anyways, there has been some confusion for people who saw the Japanese trailer, movie poster, and Ruby and Sapphire sprite. In the trailer, Deoxys has one arm and a tentacled arm. (as seen on the R/S sprite) Then on the poster, Deoxys has two tentacled arms. So, what is with this? Well, as you can see above with the three sprites from Ruby and Sapphire, Fire Red, and Leaf Green, the sprites are different. This proves that Deoxys can change its shape. What will this mean for the 7th movie? Well, lets just say that Deoxys won’t be so easy to beat. As the PokeDex says, the crystalline organ in its chest is its brain, so that is probably what will be its major weakness in the movie.

»Special Edition FR/LG GBA SPs: To celebrate the release of Fire Red and Leaf Green, two new gameboys will be released in Japan. As with the Torchic GBA SP, these will have the same type of features. For example, the GBA SP for Charizard will be red and will have silhouettes of the fire Pokemon. Same goes for the Venusaur GBA SP, which will be green and will also have silhouettes of Venusaur. To view the gameboys, [click here]. Expect to see the gameboys out in Japan sometime in February. No release date has been set for America as of yet.

»On a Wingull and a Prayer Episode Summary: Thanks to Elite Trainer Raven from the PokeGym, we have an episode guide for the episode that aired last Saturday called On a Wingull and a Prayer. If you missed it, you can read all about what happened in the episode by [clicking here]. In the future, both Elite Trainer Raven and I will be working on episode guides.

»Forums Down: The forums will be temporarily down. Maverick Hunter Zero is working very hard to resolve the problem, and they should be back up soon.

»January News Archive: The January 2004 archive is now up. To view the archive, [click here]. To view past News Archives, go to News Archive under PokeBeach in the left menu.

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»Did you know that Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are #2 and #3 for the 2003 most sold games?

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