EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua pics, FR/LG, Colosseum Pre-Order Disk, etc.

EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua pics, FR/LG, Colosseum Pre-Order Disk, etc.
By: Water Pokémon Master — Tuesday – February 9th, 2004

»EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua Booster Box and Theme Decks: Thanks to ToyWiz.com, we now have pictures of the EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua booster boxes and theme deck boxes. To view the booster box, which has a huge picture of a Sharpedo on it along with Team Magma and Aqua members, click the first thumbnail on the right. To view the Kyogre and Groudon theme deck box, which are the same shapes as the EX Dragon theme deck boxes, click the second thumbnail on the right.

»Pokémon Colosseum Pre-Order Disk: Yesterday officially marked the day in which you could get your preview disk for ordering Pokémon Colosseum. On the disk is a preview of the next Pokémon movie, Jirachi Wish Maker, a Jirachi you can download to your Ruby or Sapphire, a preview for Pokémon Colosseum, and the time glitch fix for Ruby and Sapphire. Also, I did just catch the end of a commercial on Cartoon Network that had a clip from the Jirachi movie as well as a preview clip from Pokémon Colosseum. So, there must be a commercial going on for the preorder disk.

»City Championship Promo: Thanks to PokePlayer from the PokeGym, we now know that the City Championship promo will be a special version of the EX Dragon Charmander. To find a City Championship near you, [click here].

»Fire Red and Leaf Green Sales Figures: According to Pokeschool.com, Fire Red and Leaf Green sold a combination of 885,039 copies from January 29th to February 5th. That is a total of 95.6% of all the games that were sent out to stores! Although Pokémon isn’t as popular in America, it still is and has always been extremely popular in Japan.

»Two New Episodes of Pokémon Advanced: This Saturday, Kids’ WB will be airing two new episodes of Pokémon Advanced. To view the episode pictures and names, go to the right menu under This Week’s New Epsiodes.

»Sharpedo Attack! Summary: Thanks to Elite Trainer Raven, we now have an episode guide for Sharpedo Attack! which aired two Saturdays ago. To read the episode guide, [click here].

»Forums Up: Maverick Hunter Zero has now gotten the forums back up. To access the forums, click Forums under PokéBeach in the left menu.

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Interesting Pokémon Fact

»Did you know that Jirachi: Wish Maker will be featured around Max?

Interesting Fact

»Did you know that every second, 4 new babies are born? 4! ….. 8! ….. 12!