60+ Fire Red Screenshots

60+ Fire Red Screenshots
By: Water Pokémon Master — Wednesday – January 28th, 2004

My sources have provided me with a Fire Red game and I have taken over 60 screenshots. Since they gave it to me around midnight, I was so excited that I started to play it but now I am sleepy and have a History Test tomorrow and am going to bed in a few minutes. So, I got up to Viridian City (while struggling to understand the Japanese text) and stopped at the Pokemon Center.

The game is great! The music from R/B was redone and the graphics are awesome. It is exactly like R/B, so all you have to do is switch yourself into R/B mode and you can play the game just like it.

The screenshots are all in one animated GIF, so it may take 1-2 mins to completely load.

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