Next EX Set, Colosseum Bonus Disk/Box Art, FR/LG Commercial, New COTW

Next EX Set, Colosseum Bonus Disk/Box Art, FR/LG Commercial, New COTW
By: Water Pokémon Master — Sunday – January 25th, 2004

»Next EX Set Title and Logo: The official [Norwegian Pokemon site], has released a logo of the next EX set as well as the name. As you can see by the logo underneath this, the set will be called EX Team Magma VS Team Aqua. Remember, the set is scheduled to come out some time this March.

»Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk: Nintendo has officially announced that the Bonus Disk that will come with Pokemon Colosseum will come with a Jirachi on it! With the bonus disk, you will be able to download Jirachi to your Ruby and Sapphire game cartridge. Also on the bonus disk will contain a little surprise, which is revealed in the next news story underneath this. To the right of this is also the English version cover of Colosseum.

»Ruby and Sapphire Time Error: A year after Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were released in Japan, many people began to report errors that their time slowed down or completely stopped all together in their game. The effects of this would be that berries wouldn’t be able to grow anymore, time-based events wouldn’t occur, and many other minor things. This bug was then discovered in the English versions of the games and WILL happen a year after you initially purchased your games. Restarting your game will not stop this problem, so don’t do it. However, on the Colosseum bonus disk is included a fix for the game that corrects the problem. In other words, if you don’t want your game to stop in time, then you should purchase Pokemon Colosseum as soon as it comes out not only for the game and Jirachi, but for the fix. (or was that Nintendo’s plan to make people buy Colosseum)

»Fire Red and Leaf Green Commercial: A new commercial for Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green has been released. On the commercial are scenes from the game, which include wild Pokemon battles, a battle with Brock, the Snorlax that blocks one of the routes, etc. To download the 5 mb commercial, right click [this link] and click Save As.

»New COTW: Maverick Hunter Zero is in this week for the Card of the Week. This week he takes a look at one of my favorite cards, Swampert from EX R/S. What did he think about the card? You can read his review [here]. To access older COTWs, click Card of the Week under TCG Center in the left menu.

»New Affiliate: I have now affiliated PokeBeach with Pokemon Station. This will help PokeBeach gain more members, and is a great way to increase traffic for the site.

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Interesting Pokémon Fact

»Did you know that the next Pokemon movie will feature Jirachi?

Interesting Fact

»Did you know that they just found traces of water on Mars?