Battle E-Cards, Game News, and Interview with Nick15

Battle E-Cards, Game News, and Interview with Nick15
By: Water Pokémon Master — Wednesday – October 22nd, 2003


»Battle E-Cards Are Here: Remember the Gentlemen Nills and Lady Outing E-Cards that came with Ruby and Sapphire? Now, there are new E-Cards that allow you to challenge very tough trainers and to obtain rare berries. There are three sets, which include Freezing Rain, Hidden Ruins, and Iron Defense. Each theme comes with 9 cards, which are 8 Battle cards and 1 Berry card. To view the advertisement, click the thumbnail on the right. As soon as they are available at Target, I will try to get as many as possible and scan them for you guys.


»Fire Red and Leaf Green Boy and Girl Revealed: My Japanese sources have sent me a scan of the Fire Red and Leaf Green boy and girl. As you can see, the boy looks a lot like Ash and the girl is new since back in Red/Green/Blue you couldn’t be a girl. I have watermarked the scan so no one can steal it since at Pokemon Forever (one of PA’s affiliates), over three websites cut off the watermark they put on their Fire Red and Leaf Green picture and called it their own. Anyways, click the image to get a blown up picture.

»More Pokemon Colosseum Screenshots Plus a New RPG Mode: The official Japanese website has put up some screenshots of Colosseum plus some special news. In Colosseum, there will be a special 3-D RPG mode where you can capture 67 of the GSC unobtainable Pokemon. It is sort of like playing your Gameboy but in a special story line and in 3-D. Anyways, to view the screenshot page, [click here]. The new ones are at the bottom of the page and are not thumbnails like the ones above them.


»Interview with Nick15 from Pokemon Aaah!: The interview I conducted with Nick15 is up! To read it and other webmaster interviews, [click here].

News/Event Reminders

»Halloween is nine days away! Be sure to bring along a Hoothoot or Noctowl when you go trick-or-treating incase you run into any Ghost Pokemon.

»Pokemon Advanced begins Saturday, November 1st.

Interesting Pokémon Fact

»Did you know that the reason Gary decided to become a Pokemon Researcher had nothing to do with the show, originally? In Japan, his voice actor quit after having an argument with the company that makes the episodes. So, they had to write him out of the show and we never see him again.

Interesting Non-Pokémon Fact

»Did you know your fingernails grow twice as fast as your toe nails?