Japanese EX 1 (ADV4) Scans Plus Some Updates

Japanese EX 1 (ADV4) Scans Plus Some Updates
By: Water Pokémon Master — Sunday – October 19th, 2003


»EX 1 / Adv 4 Scans: PokeSchool has gotten over 50 card scans from the next Japanese set, EX 1 (aka ADV 4). To view the images, [click here]. If you look at some of the cards, you will notice that some of them are from our EX Sandstorm, such as Kabutops ex.


»Halloween Layout: As you can see, I have updated the main page’s layout (only the main page) to be Halloweeny. I think it looks pretty cool, and will be doing it for other future holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Enjoy!

»Interview with Nick15 from Pokemon Aaah!: Today I interviewed Nick15 from Pokemon Aaah! Unfortunately for you guys, I will not have up his interview for the next few days (possibly tomorrow) if I have time to format and edit it. Be sure to check back!

»The Future in Card Scans: Guess what, I discovered how to use E-bay! I feel so proud of myself that I finally learned how to place bids and all of that kind of stuff. So far, I have already won a booster box of Expedition and am bidding on 7 other booster boxes. Whenever I get the boxes in, if I win them, I will be sure to scan them for all of you to see. I should definitely have all the cards in the sets completed by then since I am missing some rares and holos from some of the sets and they will be sure to finish them up. I have no idea when I will get everything in besides the Expedition box in a few weeks, so look forward to that.

»Present Card Scans: This weekend, I was able to scan a quarter of EX Ruby and Sapphire before I went to Six Flags. Next Saturday, I have a Debate Club tournament and will not be home at all, but Sunday I will have off besides Church and will hopefully be able to finish EX Ruby and Sapphire and get those up. I have decreased the depression size of the scans so that they are much higher quality then they were before.

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Interesting Pokémon Fact

»In the episode Princess vs Princess (airing Friday this week on Cartoon Network) you may wonder where Togepi is since this episode takes place after Togepi hatches. The reason Togepi isn’t in this episode was because the Japanese originally made this episode before Togepi was introduced, but didn’t show it in the order it was made as they planned to show this episode on ‘Girls’ Day’ in Japan, meaning that it was first shown after Who Gets to Keep Togepi?. Source: Golden Smile, Silver Tears

Interesting Non-Pokémon Fact

»Did you know that invisible cars such as the one from the James Bond film Die Another Day do exist? The US Department of Defense is currently perfecting them to be used for military purposes.