Some Sort of Bad News and Some Regular News

Some Sort of Bad News and Some Regular News
By: Water Pokémon Master — Thursday – September 4th, 2003

»The Sort of Bad News: Well everyone, I have some bad news. I just recieved an e-mail from the TO of the San Diego EX Sandstorm tournament after asking him if I could bring my scanner, and he said that after contacting some high overpower of some sort, that they DO NOT want me to bring my scanner. It has something to do with that you can’t use one of these events to promote spoilers, and if I do, I will get banned from the tourny and all future events. So, anyone who was helping, thanks, but please spread the word to your friends not to ask or mention anything to me about it when we get there.

BUT BUT BUT, that doesn’t mean PokéBeach won’t have the scans. I will still have scans of the cards I get, and will be scanning them on my way home so I don’t waste any time. So, I will in fact be bringing my scanner, but only to use for when I go home. And, if I won a booster box again, I will indeed have many of the scans. Also for the tournament, it has been going around that we will be provided with a card list of the set so that it makes it easier to check off what is in our decks, which means I will have the complete card list up, though it may possibly not have the energy type of the Pokémon.

And remember, if you are still interested in going to an EX Sandstorm tournament in your area, [click here] for the tournament locator.

»Pokémon Pinball: R/S Chosen as Game of the Month!: Pokémon Pinball: R/S Chosen as Game of the Month!IGN Pocket has chosen Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire as there game of the month! This is no suprise, since it has been flying off the shelves all week, and is highly popular due to it’s previous version. Here is what IGN Pocket has to say:

IGN’s GBA Game of the Month
August 2003
Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: August 25, 2003

Why We Picked It: Yes, it’s Pokemon. Yes, it’s another pinball game on the Game Boy Advance. But, like Reese’s, it’s two great tastes that taste great together; this is, without a doubt, the best video pinball on the system. It may only have two tables to shoot through, and it may lack the standard multiball modes of other pinball games, but the fact that there’s more than 200 Pokemon creatures to collect in the game adds more lasting playability than you may realize. Pinball now has a point; it’s not just about getting the highest score, it’s about snagging as many of the little creatures as you possibly can. The original Pokemon Pinball was a wonderful Game Boy Color title. This one’s even better.

To view the page, [click here].

»Pokémon Shining Figures Now Available: Do you guys remember the Shining Pokémon figures I talked about a few days ago? Well, now has some of the Shining Pokémon figures for you to buy! Unfortuantely, for the time being there are only four of the figures available to buy, but more will be available in the near future. The four figures that you can get are Shining Blastoise, Shining Scyther, Shining Cyndaquil, and Shining Chikorita and they each cost $6.95. To view the page or to buy the figures, [click here].

»Pokémon TCG Website Fun Stuff Page: The official Pokémon TCG Website has updated there fun page with some new stuff. First off is there downloadable coin flipper, which is an interactive program that flips a coin of your choice! I downloaded it and it is pretty cool, especially the Mudkip coin since it is my luckiest one. Next up is their Online TCG quiz, which is a flash based game that asks you many questions on the EX Ruby and Sapphire set. I took the quiz on Sunday at 3 in the morning, and failed miserably because I fell asleep on the eighth question and the questions are timed, so you miss the ones when you run out of time. I eventually woke up 5 minutes later when I got an IM from one of my friends. And finally, like many websites, this page has some downloadable wallpaper, though it isn’t really anything special. To go to the Fun Stuff page, [click here].

»Suicuine Promo Added: I finally got Pokémon 4Ever today on DVD and with it came the #53 Wizards’ Promo Suicuine. So, I added it to the Promo page which can be seen [here]. For those of you that want to get the DVD, it costs $20.00 at Best Buy. Also, I must tell you that they re-edited the movie from when it was shown in theatres. What I mean is that they added in a few scenes, changed around some of the dialogue, and added in some more sound effects. Also, be sure to check out the audio commentary with Veronica Taylor (Ash’s Voice), Eric Stuart (Brock/James’ Voice), Racheal Lillis (Misty/Jesse’s voice), the guy who plays Meowth, and the people who worked on the English version.

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