Lots of EX Sandstorm News

Lots of EX Sandstorm News
By: Water Pokémon Master — Friday – September 5th, 2003

»EX Sandstorm Cards: Thanks to Scyther from PA!, we now no some of the cards that are in EX Sandstorm. He somehow was able to get two packs of them, and this was what he got:

Cacturne 2/100
Golduck 17/100
Pichu 20/100

Anortih 27/100
Delcatty 34/100
Lileep 43/100
Lombre 46/100
Quilava 51/100

Cyndaquil 59/100
Duskull 62/100
Growlithe 65/100
Marril 68/100
Mysterious Fossil 91/100
Root Fossil 92/100

»EX Sandstorm Scans: I am so sick and tired of saying this, but I have to. Tomorrow, I will be going to the EX Sandstorm tournament in San Diego. After the tournament is over, I will be scanning the cards I get on the way home in my car so that I can post them as fast as possible. Also, it is rumored that everyone who attends the tournaments will get a complete list of the cards in the set, which means that I may have the full card list up! So, come back here late tomorrow night, and the news story will most likely be titled, EX Sandstorm Scans, or something of that nature. AND REMEMBER, if you will be looking at scans from other major sites like PA! and Zeo, I can guarantee that they won’t be as high-quality or as big as PokéBeach’s scans. So, make sure to check back here tomorrow, and remember, PokéBeach is the #1 site when it comes to TCG scans!

»EX Sandstorm Tournaments for Tomorrow: Well, how many of you are going to an EX Sandstorm tournament tomorrow? I know I am, and you can see me at the one in San Diego. The tournaments will be taking place tomorrow at five different locations, which are San Diego, New York, Salt Lake City, Sturgis, Michigan, as well as Garden City, Michigan. To read more on the prizes and events that will be going on at the tournaments, visit the August News Archive by clicking [here]. I hope everyone has a good time!

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