BW/BW2 The Nuzlocke Challenge Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Card Slinger J, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Card Slinger J Aspiring Trainer
    Card Slinger J


    Has anyone here on PokeBeach tried it? It's so hard it's insane!

    One of my friends who I was hanging out with told me about it and I checked out his YouTube channel where he posts his attempts to succeed in the Challenge and he's done it like 3 times in a row so far!

    Links explaining it:

  2. Hot N' Spicy


    RE: The Nuzlocke Challenge

    I did a Nuzlocke challenge on Emerald once. It was really hard, I couldn't beat the elite 4 because I had to realease a bunch of Pokemon after Victory road and I lost pretty much everything once I faced the 2nd person. It's way harder than solo runs, I promise. The main difference is that you can't restart when you lose a Pokemon, you have to release it.
  3. dmaster Aspiring Trainer

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    RE: The Nuzlocke Challenge

    I was going to post this thread but never found the time lol.

    I absolutely love the Nuzlocke Challenge. It adds infinite replay value for the story mode of the games and it's so much fun.

    I'm right about to face the E4 in my HG File but I'm currently training everyone to be at least Level 45 or higher. I don't want to lose my main powerhouses because then Kanto will be even harder.

    I also changed the title of this just in case people want to post updates to their runs here.

    dmaster out.
  4. catutie Ahhhhh of


    ive never heard of it before. im going to try it on platinum. i hope i dont lose to my rival lol :(
  5. Card Slinger J Aspiring Trainer
    Card Slinger J


    My advice, don't do the Nuzlocke Challenge on a game where you have a full team of EV Trained Pokemon cause the Pokemon DS games don't have multiple save files like on other consoles. Once you start a new game and overwrite your current save file for the Nuzlocke Challenge then you can kiss all that hard work from your previous save file goodbye.

    I'd do it on a different 4th Gen Pokemon DS Game, that way you don't risk losing your data and still do the Challenge at your leisure. I might try it on my HeartGold game, not sure though it seems really hard to accomplish and more time consuming than a standard playthrough of beating the game before meeting the E4.
  6. Cinema Gyarados Bait


    That's the point -_- I tried it but... I rage quit after my starter died... lol.
  7. Gouka-no-Goukazaru Might. Light. Seed Flare.


    I'm not to fond of it tbh. I prefer normal gameplay.
  8. Inigo Montoya Hatman/Imakuni?/Not Not-TDL
    Inigo Montoya


    What happens when you return to an area? Do you catch another one from there and then move on?
  9. dmaster Aspiring Trainer

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    One Pokemon from an area. No more. Once you see a Pokemon, you either catch it or you don't catch anything there.

    dmaster out.
  10. Nengeni Aspiring Trainer


    I might do this in HeartGold after I finish my Solo in Sapphire
  11. Chariblaze When you add it all up...


    That's definitely true with anything pre-Generation IV, if you're not paying attention when you save. But I'm about 95% sure that Generation IV will not let you overwrite your save file with something new. The only option is to delete it with that special button combination that I've forgotten. Of course, that brings up the problem of not being able to stop during the Nuzlocke challenge. Also, I have no idea how forced save points affect anything, like the E4 or the Battle Tower/Frontier.

    On topic, I've never tried a Nuzlocke run, but I guess I could if backed up against a wall. I just don't know what would happen, though, if my starter fainted and I had to release it. I always, always use my starter throughout the entire game (I do use legends, and I end up training a Pokemon by accident in double battles, but other than that...).
  12. catutie Ahhhhh of


    ^ i do the same. i go to the elite 4 with lvl 15 staravias. i dont stop trying the elite 4 until my starter can beat it by himself. its hard learning to use a whole team...and ive already lost a bidoof. i havnt even made it to the first gym yet lol. its weird training other pokemon besides my starter and actually switching pokemon.
  13. BananaCorn I don't exist


    I just finished one of these on Emerald.

    Well, I say finished, but I'm putting off battling Steven because I haven't lost anybody since the fifth gym, and I don't want to lose anybody else.

    Here's the team:

    Malik (Vileplume) Level 61 @ Miracle Seed/Persim Berry

    -Petal Dance
    -HP Bug
    -Giga Drain

    Caught as an Oddish on that Route between Mauville and Vendenturf.

    Anonymous (Blaziken) level 65 @ Charcoal

    -Blaze Kick
    -Sky Uppercut
    -Quick Attack

    My starter.

    Hatman (Electrode) @ Magnet

    -Shock Wave

    Caught as a Voltorb in New Mauville. Most recent addition.

    Vodka (Gyarados) @ Sea Incense


    Caught as a Magikarp off Slateport.

    Vest (Exploud) Level 61 @ Silk Scarf

    -Rock Smash
    -Shadow Ball
    -Secret Power

    Caught as a Whismur in Vendenturf Tunnel

    Zoom (Azumarill) @ Mystic Water

    -Ice Beam
    -Focus Punch

    Sub-punching Azumarill. Yeah. Caught as a Marill on Route 204

    Taillow (Hats) To second gym
    Bruce (Electrike) Wild Pokemon
    Commando (Nincada) Trainer
    Mr. Humpy (Numel) Wild Spinda
    Larry (Lombre) 5th gym trainer
    Mothra (Trapinch) 5th gym trainer

    That's all.

    Oh, and I caught a shiny Machop on Jagged pass while I was grinding.
  14. Nengeni Aspiring Trainer


    You lost an electrike to a wild pokemon? I would heal after every couple battles if I was doing this.
  15. MaddMoni Still Representin' Hoenn


    What's a Nuzlocke?
  16. DNA Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.

    Advanced Member Member

    ^There's a link in the first post that explains it. Basically, the gist is that you can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter on a route for each route, and that once a Pokemon faints you cannot use it again. By that virtue, if your entire team faints, it's game over.

    It's like a slightly more challenging way to play the games. I myself have never actually done it (since I hate the concept of being screwed over by bad luck or starting over a game), but it might be fun for me to try one day.
  17. Nengeni Aspiring Trainer


    It's when you play through the game with certain rules/ challenges

    - If a pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be released
    - You may ONLY catch the first pokemon you see in each route. This includes legendaries.
    - All pokemon must be nicknamed

    Some additional ones include
    - You may only use 1 pokecenter in each town (Or none)
    - You may only use a pokemart ONCE
    - You may NOT use healing items outside a battle
  18. Inigo Montoya Hatman/Imakuni?/Not Not-TDL
    Inigo Montoya


    ^Did you not read the link? EDIT: Ninja'd :/

    And you named an Electrode after me :D This must mean that I'm actually somewhat popular on the forums :O

    Anyways, I'll be starting a Nuzlocke run on my FireRed soon. After I finish solo-Blastoising it :D
  19. dmaster Aspiring Trainer

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    There are also other reasons why I particularly like this challenge. It makes you value your Pokemon more (even if you don't nickname them like I do, it's not a real requirement) and it also lets you value the derp ones you never think are really good but actually turn out to be powerhouses.

    I never even thought Slowbro was awesome but his typing helps sooo much it's not even funny. And Raticate can kill Ghosts so easily as well. Meganium still kinda sucks though. :F Just a terribad movepool IMO.

    dmaster out.
  20. MaddMoni Still Representin' Hoenn


    well I just started a new game of Fire Red so I must play a little Nuzlocke because it looks challenging and I love challeges
    I'm just not letting go of my pokemon the worst one i got is pikachu lol and I named my character ASH

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