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  1. oops. uhh, I was going to say that i couldn't have known if AP was mafia if i were scum.

    I just voted late because i was kinda spotty on my time of pokebeach

  2. Yog Rogue


    Oh hah, did not realise Tapu Lele was actually playing now. I also skipped the part where AP knew them but not vice-versa.

    At Shaymin yes, a message to someone just to lock in that claim would be reassuring. Maybe save it for something more important, but at some point today send one that can be verified.
  3. Tapu Lele Responsibile for an Economic Recession
    Tapu Lele

    Forum Mod Member

    Anyways, is anyone able to make sense of the hints we got today?

    Here are my thoughts:

    "New Dance" -> Existence of Ludicolo Pokemon?
    "Someone shines a spotlight on some Pokemon" -> Spotlight Pokemon is spotlighted? Are there two spotlighters, or is the ability random?
    "Someone goes along with what they say." -> This is the second time this statement has appeared. What action could this represent?
    "Someone draws another Pokemon into a trap" -> What trap could this be? Who was affected?
    "Someone swaps their soul with another Pokemon." -> If this role exists, we can't really trust that people always have the same abilities...

    "The Pokemon Absol is in the game, and is aligned with the Innocent Beachgoers! "
    Absol, a disaster-foretelling Pokemon, might have an ability that tells the actions or roles of others. Is it responsible for the spotlights?
  4. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Yeah I can later. Some of them is me
  5. Tapu Lele Responsibile for an Economic Recession
    Tapu Lele

    Forum Mod Member

    Also, does anyone find it odd that mordacazir, having the ability to find items every night, was not holding an item when found dead (as in comparison to Tyler's death at the beginning)?

    Maybe there's something about the order of operations that caused this.
  6. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    All item must be passed the next night so he might have passed all he have while no one gave him anything, and assume his ability didnt trigger due to his death
  7. Acetrainer_Samwise Aspiring Trainer


    I think scattered mind and I know that eachother are town... Di nuovo :p
  8. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    I have catched up with my table. Which is... great.

    Might aswell share it. This is the posts from just D3.
    And here is the total up until I started to make this post including this post. As you can see... im all the way to the bottom... Ignore that.

    As you can see aswell. Lynches tend to be more on the upper end of activity. NK's more in the middle.
    I think this is really interessting. Because it shows that Mafias are playing a really slow game.
    Usually you would try to take out the "heavy hitters"
    Which brings me to a litte thing i noticed. Check the upper places. There we have some people whose numbers get inflated because they post in multiple posts when it wouldn't be necessairy.
    (DFL,Gekki,TE,Acetrainer Samwise, Yog to an extend, TLS)
    Who is missing from that list? That's right. Scattered mind and also kinda Yog. When you apply logic to this game. Then you can see why you wouldn't kill the people mentioned above. They have been active. But not neccesairly "usefull in scumhunting" or at least have a lack in experience (minus Yog). They make a bit chaos. So Mafia wants to keep them about.
    He is very active, pretty good at making cases all that.
    It's pretty obvious that who is running this game is scum. They are using the new players as bait. Lynch them, cause they look scummy all by themselfs without doing anything. And if you ask me it's kinda obvious that SM and Yog are probably scum with how NK and Lynches have gone.

    Every day phases we only "skipped" over NK's. Never really looked what they mean. Because they have been kinda insignificant. I know PMJ is usually a good Mafia player (afaik) but he hasn't been that extremly active until the point when he got killed.
    Morda falls into the pattern again. Has been contributing a bit on D3 but isn't "significant".
    The Mafia want to kill us slowly.

    I wish i could quote some of Morda's posts but it keeps deleteing my quotes when im putting them in. Great
    TL: DR of morda's post from D3:
    Some TLS shenaynays, And some pointing SM out as scum.

    As for why i wasn't here:
    I was busy. Went to a Regional (came 92st / 205 (go me)) and had to catch up with my spreadsheet from the 6th of april. Also I thought these "cases" on me where kinda silly.
    But if you still think im scum or anything. Please elaborate. I'm happy to answer any question.
  9. TOTAL_EPICNESS 9 is a prime number


    What Tapu Lele asked
    Yeah I’m the one who got trapped I don’t really understand what BB told me it means but i think it means I can’t perform night actions (?)
  10. Acetrainer_Samwise Aspiring Trainer


    The results from Mirdos spreadsheet are really interesting (and helpful :) ), and so we do have a silencer/blocker... I think that we need to look at some the people who fly under the radar today, like quaking punch, drac, dashking and mega pod....
  11. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    Oh whoops. Forgot to ##Vote: Scattered Mind
  12. I kinda want something from gekki, he has been silent for the entire yesterday.
  13. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    I don't understand your point on me, so I can't defend it until you clarify why you think I am scum.

    Anyway, I had a light ball item that makes the actions of the holder to appear in the day update, so that must be the spotlight thing. Not sure if it's ok to reveal another thing.

    I used the light ball on quaking because he seems inactive and I wanted to know if he is active at night, but there are too many results.
  14. Tapu Lele Responsibile for an Economic Recession
    Tapu Lele

    Forum Mod Member

    Wait, are silencer/blockers usually good or bad?

    That brings me to my next question:

    Might you have any clue to who trapped you?
  15. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Sorry, but I am not sure why you think that way. I have no idea who you are (role/alignment wise). It only seems that you know something about my role.
  16. Yog Rogue


    I do appreciate some raw statistical analysis. But I also know there is some flawed assumption in there as I know for sure I am clean :p

    The one big thing missing is that PMJ's NK might have been because the Mafia's hands were tied. However the triplemo thing played out, PMJ went silent and then was killed before he could speak up. So a potential target like me or SM or Mordi one night earlier might have had to be forgone in order to take care of that.
    Second the vocal town leads have so far been leading us into the ground (myself included), until we hit AP yesterday we had 0. As mafia, I would leave those leaders alive if they are doing a poor job. And I wouldn't say either myself or SM have been doing a particularly good job.

    Apart from that, it's quality data. My conclusion reading it is that the mafia are using their NKs lower in the post-count list because those players are onto something. Send them to sleep with the fishes before they can speak up. Like the Mordi-TE post I mentioned earlier. I am goign to dig further into Jade/Blakers/Mordi's posts I think.
  17. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Blockers can be good, silencer are never good. At least I can't imagine a situation where they are good to the town.
  18. Tapu Lele Responsibile for an Economic Recession
    Tapu Lele

    Forum Mod Member

    So is the guy who laid the trap a good guy or bad guy? I'm not sure what is the difference between a blocker and silencer
  19. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Blocker - usually prevents the target from using their abilities.
    Silencer- usually prevents the target to talk during the day.

    Blocker can be townie, as to prevent a suspect from performing a NK or just a scummy ability.
  20. Acetrainer_Samwise Aspiring Trainer


    Or your old role for that matter I don't know what your new roles is ... ;)

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