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    Summoning all Heroes for Mafia XLIV: Heroes of Askr, a game based off of the fan-favorite mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes! This game will be hosted by yours truly, @quakingpunch73. For those new to mafia or those who just need a refresher, you can find out how to play here.

    Alfonse and Shareena were exhausted. As coveted members of the Order of Heroes, it was their sole duty to fight alongside heroes from the other worlds, as well as summoners, who trained heroes to bring out their full potential. This was all in addition to being prince and princess of the kingdom of Askr as well, so their exhaustion was understandable. However, it was suddenly interrupted when their commander, Anna, came running into their castle, flustered and out of breath.

    “Alfonse! Sharena!” she exclaimed, “We’re in huge danger! Princess Veronica and the Emblian Empire are trying to attack Askr as we speak!”

    Both of the twins sighed in discontent. In the past, Veronica had forced heroes from other worlds to work with her through a contract.

    “It’s fine!” Sharena said, signaling to her brother, “We’ve got this under control! We’ll go out and kick their butts just like we always have! Even if they have the Nohrian Prince, Xander, on their side, I’ll still strike him down with my lance!”

    Anna interjected, “It looks like we have a special case here, Sharena. There aren’t any contracts this time. Just some summoners, but that’s what makes the dangerous… By now they must have blended in with our own!”

    “If that’s the case, Anna, then let them blend in,” said Alfonse. “That way, they’ll be easier catch when blended in with our own summoners. Each day, we’ll execute one of their choosing in order to extinguish this disturbance once and for all!”
    1. You may not edit or delete any of your posts.

    2. You may not speak during the night phase.

    3. There will be no minimum post restriction at first. If I feel you aren’t posting enough, I will warn you through PM to post more, and if the game as a whole isn’t being active, then minimum post restrictions will be in place.

    4. Even though things can get heated, be respectful of other players.

    5. My word is law when it comes to game-related rulings.

    6. You may not Like posts unless explicitly stated.

    7. You may not share any quicktopics you have with each other.

    8. You may NOT communicate with people outside of the game about the game, unless a role allows you to.

    9. No screenshots but you can quote whatever you like.

    10. If you signed up for this game, be active! Due to a lower number of players, it is imperative that everyone is active and contributing in order to have the most interesting game possible. Not contributing harms your faction and takes up a slot an active player could occupy.
    There will be two factions in this game, the Order of Heroes and the Emblian Empire.The goal of the Order of Heroes is to eliminate all of the members of the Emblian Empire. The goal of the Emblian Empire is to have numbers equal to the remaining members of the Order of Heroes. There may or may not be a third, independant faction.

    In order cast a vote, players should follow this format: ##VOTE: PLAYER'S NAME.

    In order to unvote, players should follow this format: ##UNVOTE: PLAYER'S NAME.

    Day Periods will last 120 hours (5 in real life Days), or until a player gains majority of votes needed to lynch.

    Night Periods will last 48 hours (2 in real life Days).

    Finally, new to this game, a player must receive a majority of votes to be lynched, not a pluarity. This means that if a player doesn’t have a majority of votes to lynch by the end of a day, then there will be no lynch.
    As a summoner, what else can you do, but summon some Heroes? Heroes take the place of standard abilities in this game, and you can have up to 3 of them at the same time. Every Hero comes with a Hero Aspect, which can either be a passive effect, which is always active, or an active ability, which needs a PM to activate.

    Every hero has a Color in addition to their Hero Aspect. There are 4 colors in the game, each with their own specific attributes:

    Blue ~ Heroes of this color tend to have abilities geared towards gathering information about other heroes and players.
    Green ~ Heroes of this color tend to have abilities which use or manipulate the votes cast by themselves and others
    Colorless ~ Heroes of this color tend to have abilities geared towards the protection and redirection of others
    Red ~ The color that the most heroes fall under. Heroes of this color tend to have unique and varied abilities that don’t fall under any other colors.

    At the beginning of the game, each player will be gifted with a Free Summon Hero from a random color to start off with. From then on, each summoner will be PMed 3 orb colors to choose from for the upcoming night. To select a color, PM me “Choose: Color” and you will get a hero of that color at the beginning of the upcoming night.

    Should you ever have 3 heroes and would like to get another, you may PM me “Send Home: Hero” during the night and that hero will leave you and an orb selection will be PMed to you during the day. Some heroes might also have Hero Aspects that “send home”, or “kill” heroes.

    On a final note, some heroes will have varying levels of rarity and power, which means that there will be a level of swing to this set-up, though being able to select an orb color should help to minimize randomness.
    You are a Summoner aligned with the Order of Heroes. A quiet individual who has the ability to wield the Breidablik, a holy weapon which allows you to, well, summon heroes from other worlds to your own.

    Win Condition: All players not aligned with the Order of Heroes are eliminated.


    The Hero you’ve summoned is…

    Wrys, Kindly Priest
    ~Colorless Hero~
    “I am Wrys, a humble curate. I cannot fight, but this staff I carry can heal the wounded.”
    Hero Aspect: Humble Curate- Each night, you may PM me “Heal: Player”. That player will be protected from the night kill.

    The Heroes you already have are:

    Alfonse, Prince of Askr
    ~Red Hero~
    “I advise you not to get close to the Heroes. It will just make it harder… should you ever be parted.”
    Hero Aspect: Benevolent Prince- As long as you are the host of this game, you may have an extra Hero in your party.

    Sharena, Princess of Askr
    ~Blue Hero~
    “I’m going to become friends with every Hero-ever! Oh, what a grand party it will be!”
    Hero Aspect: Dutiful Princess- Each night, you may PM me “Collect: Player”. You will learn that player’s night actions and process them for the next day.

    Anna, Commander
    ~Green Hero~
    “How about we get some practice in? That’d make you a stronger member of our group-summoning and all!”
    Hero Aspect: Authority Figure- As long as you are the host of this game, your vote weight is increased by 1.

    This role shows an example of each Hero type, as well as the format of Heroes. Wrys deals with protection, so he’s a Colorless Hero. Alfonse adds an extra hero space to your party, which doesn’t fall under Blue, Green, or Colorless heroes, so he’s a Red Hero. Sharena gives you information about other players, so she’s a Blue Hero. Anna adds onto your vote weight, so she’s a Green Hero. Also, Wrys and Sharena have active Hero Aspects, since they require an action to perform, while Anna and Alfonse have passive Hero Aspects because they are always active. Hopefully this and the Summoning Guide are enough to catch you up to snuff on the types of Heroes you can encounter in this game!
    There’s room for 12 summoners and subs too, so be sure to not miss out on the fun!

    1. @rainyman123
    2. @GekkisaiDaiNi
    3. @Lord o da rings
    4. @NinjaPenguin
    5. @Jadethepokemontrainer @TheSceptileMaster Subbed in for Jade Day 2
    6. @scattered mind
    7. @Neurowolf
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    9. @mordacazir
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    11. @lugia_Likes2dab! @GM DracLord Subbed in for Lugia Day 2
    12. @Jabberwock
    1. @Trainer Josh
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    4. @TheSceptileMaster
    5. @Thomas from Delfino
    6. @Camoclone
    7. This could be you!!
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    @quakingpunch73 As much as I would love to fully participate in this Mafia game, I'm currently wrapped up in school and other activities. That being said, I would love to sign up as a sub in case I'm free sometime and the need arises.

    Sign me up as a sub!
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    And that's 12! I'll leave the sign-ups open for subs for a few days while I finalize Heroes and their abilities, as well as a few other things, but we should be ready by the upcoming weekend!
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