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  1. Some of you may have seen the previous Community Team, seen here. While it didn't end well, I thought it was a marvelous idea that deserved to come back. It just needed to be given some more structure.

    The Community Team

    The Community Team can be broken into 5 steps.

    The first step is the easiest step. As a group of battlers, we decide what Pokemon the team will be built around. Posting sets is greatly encouraged, as is suggesting underrated Pokemon. Please be sure to have substance in your posts as we don't want spam here. Once suggestions stop coming, a vote will be done.

    Secondly, the playstyle is selected. The playstyle should help the key Pokemon perform better (so putting Blissey on a hyper offensive team isn't a great idea). Again, once activity slows down, a vote will be held.

    Thirdly, the teammates are chosen upon. This is where we look at synergy, as well as the playstyle. As you could guess, once activity slows down, another vote will be done.

    The fourth step is the testing phase. This is when we get ourselves onto Pokemon Online and test out the team. We discover how the team works in action, and report our findings in this thread. This is the most important phase.

    Lastly, we discuss some things that could be changed, and then it is posted as a top quality RMT.

    I'm excited to see what you guys can do with this project. This should be a fun, educating and entertaining experience for us all. And with that, let this begin.

    December 12-22: Sets were suggested
    December 22-27: Voting for Focal Pokemon
    December 27-30: Playstyle Discussion
    December 30-February 8th: Teammate Discussion

    Oh and in case you couldn't tell, sets can be posted now. :p

  2. Shadow Scyther pkeboch pls
    Shadow Scyther


    RE: Community Team (Take 2)


    Scrafty @Leftovers
    Trait: Shed Skin
    Nature: Careful
    EVs: 252HP/8Atk/248Sp.Def
    ~ Bulk Up
    ~ Drain Punch
    ~ Crunch
    ~ Rest

    Scrafty @Leftovers
    Trait: Shed Skin/Moxie
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: 4HP/252Atk/252Spe
    ~ Dragon Dance
    ~ Drain Punch/ Hi Jump Kick
    ~ Crunch
    ~ Ice Punch

    A very underrated Pokemon in my opinion. Its only real counters are Skarmory and defensive Gyarados. I would love to see a team built around it with either of the sets listed. The Bulk Up version is made to take more hits while boosting up. It has more counters like Taunt Gliscor and has more problems with Pokemon like Dragonite when it doesn't have enough boosts but it can take hits better while having recovery in the form of Drain Punch and Rest which has good synergy with its ability Shed Skin. Once it gets enough boosts nothing can stop it except from crits. It typing is also good being weak only to rare Flying types and the common Fighting types. DD version is made to set up quickly and it has superb type coverage provided by Ice Punch. With Jolly nature it outspeeds base 111 speed Pokemon (Tornadus) while it still retains bulk and it is almost guaranteed that it will get at least one Dragon Dance. DD version can also use Hi Jump Kick (the most powerful attack with a side effect that happens rarely) and Moxie to get some more boosts.

    If I did something wrong tell me I don't want that Community Team fails again.
  3. RE: Community Team (Take 2)

    Nope, you did everything right. :)

    I'd kinda like to see a team based around this guy:

    Jirachi @ Leftovers
    Bold Nature
    EVs: 252 HP / 224 Def / 32 Spe
    -Calm Mind
    -Flash Cannon

    Wish and Calm Mind slowly turn Jirachi into a very potent sweeper. Most people think of a defensive set when they see Jirachi, so a Calm Mind set changes their plans. This set specializes in slowly stopping defensive and stall-based teams. Calm Mind is the engine of this set, and it keeps Jirachi a threat with the constantly rising Special Attack. Wish provides that staple Jirachi annoyance factor, as Jirachi will be staying on the battlefield for quite a while with it. Thunderbolt and Flash Cannon doesn't make the greatest coverage, but Thunderbolt's paralysis and Flash Cannon's special defense drops are more frequent with Serene Grace, and still let Jirachi stand a chance against the bulkier Psychics.

    There are a couple things we could change here. If we decide to include rain, then swapping Thunderbolt and Flash Cannon for Thunder and Water Pulse will provide even more annoyance. If we lack a check for the bulkier Psychics, then we can use Psyshock over Flash Cannon to hammer down on Reuniclus and [email protected]

    Teammates that would help this set include Dragonite, for its ability to come in on Earthquake and set up a Dragon Dance, and Heatran, to absorb the Fire-type moves aimed at Jirachi.
  4. PDC The PDC Show comes to an abrupt end...


    RE: Community Team (Take 2)

    You should probably have in mind what playstyle you would like to use before you start building a team and adding Pokemon to use in it.
  5. RE: Community Team (Take 2)

    That is a possible method of construction. However, I find it easier to pick a focal, and build around it. We started with a playstyle last time, and it didn't go over so well.
  6. Chillarmy El problemo?


    RE: Community Team (Take 2)

    Empoleon @ Balloon
    Timid Nature
    252 Sp Att/252 Spe/4 HP

    - Agility
    - Hydro Pump
    - Ice Beam
    - Grass Knot

    Empoleon seems to have faded since the DPP metagame. I feel he should get a mention due to hit goodbulk and great Special Attack. Empoleon also has great synergy with many top tier pokemon in BW OU, such as Dragonite and Gliscor. Agility boosts Empoleon's lacklustre speed, making him a potentially dangerous sweeper. Hydro Pump hits pretty much anything that doesn't resist hard. Ice Beam is for Dragons, Gliscor and Landorus switching in. Grass Knot is for Bulky Waters. This set is fairly self explanatory.
  7. PDC The PDC Show comes to an abrupt end...


    RE: Community Team (Take 2)

    Yes, bit in this situation we should select a style before going into a building and selecting phase. You have people who want to build a team around a defensive Calm Mind Jirachi ( in this case you ), and those that want a more offensive type with Empoleon. It'd be best to evaluate what you want before you attempt to aim for it imo. A vote could work. Something like :


    These are the three main styles that are most commonly seen. You can decide what you want from there and derive in a more specific matter like :

    Rain Offense
    Sun Offense
    No weather offense

    A sample like that could work.
  8. Pride May I kill him?


    RE: Community Team (Take 2)

    I completely agree with PDC's suggestion of style before Pokemon
  9. RE: Community Team (Take 2)

    All I did was mimic the Smogon set up (seen Here).This is their fourth community team, so I can assume that they are doing something right.
  10. RE: Community Team (Take 2)

    I'm still rather new to the game, but I'll try my best.

    The Pokemon suggested would all benefit greatly from the rain (even though the previous team was Rain, it just works that way ._.) So I say:


    Politoed @ Leftovers
    Bold Nature
    252 HP/4 SpD/252 Def

    - Scald/Surf
    - Hypnosis
    - Encore
    - Protect

    Defensive toad, at yo service. Now you can put Thunder on Jirachi.

    I chose defensive over Specs/Scarf because the team already has an offensive water type, Empoleon, and their moves would essentially be the exact same thing (with the exception of FB, but we already have ourselves a Fighting type albeit not a Special one). The first move is something I'm not too sure about; Scald could inconveniently burn at the wrong time as often as the right ones, and it clashes with Hypnosis. Surf is more powerful, without having that burn chance. The second move, Hypnosis, I chose over Toxic because it works well with all of the setup sweepers. If Hypnosis hits, you can switch in and land a CM/DD or two, and then proceed to crush them and everyone they've ever known. The third slot is also great with setup sweepers: lock them in a move, switch in, and set up. Helps in other situations too. Fourth slot is Protect. It would work great with Scald, as it does a bit of damage and you heal some, but works great anyways to get a bit of Leftovers recovery and/or scout.

    For the final spot, may I suggest a spinner, specifically Forretress? Stealth Rock really hurts Dragonite, and kills the Balloon on Empoleon. And besides, hazards are great.

    Also, 4 (3 if we roll Scrafty without DD) Pokemon on the team have setup moves, and I'm not really sure if that's good. Maybe Dragonite's set could be changed around? I don't know if it matters too much though.
  11. Chillarmy El problemo?


    RE: Community Team (Take 2)

    SD, right now we're only doing nominations.
  12. RE: Community Team (Take 2)

    But hey, its still a set worth using. Thanks for contributing it Mizublue Starboard Driger.

    I'll leave this phase open until the weekend finishes, and then we'll move on to the playstyle phase.
  13. RE: Community Team (Take 2)

    Woah, I kinda forgot about this. Sorry everyone.

    So, now we get to vote on our team's focal Pokemon. Here are your choices.

    Bulk Up Scrafty
    Dragon Dance Scrafty
    Calm Mind Jirachi
    SubDD Dragonite
    Agility Empoleon
    Physically Defensive Politoed

    I'll leave the poll open until the 27th, because I have family staying with me until then. Please put your vote in bold tags please.
    Dork Void


    RE: Community Team (Take 2) - Vote for the focal Pokemon

    SubDD Dragonite sounds way better than the others.
  15. PG24 <Pride> I'm my wildest fantasy

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    RE: Community Team (Take 2) - Vote for the focal Pokemon

    SubDD Dragonite

    I've already built a few teams around SubDD Nite. It's pretty much the most flexible Pokemon of the others, and it's the best set in this metagame. That's just my opinion, but I'll leave off my post by saying that it pretty much owns 99% of the metagame. Even some steels have trouble with it.
  16. Blah DBT


    RE: Community Team (Take 2) - Vote for the focal Pokemon

    SubDD Dragonite

    Personally, I've never used it, but I always love things that can Sub and then set up. Sub screws over anything that tries to give it a status, which is very important, especially for physical sweepers like Dragonite who will be severely crippled by burn or paralysis. Since many teams fumble to break Substitutes, with a little bit of good timing it can get off multiple Dragon Dances and then proceed to smash the other team to bits.
  17. bacon !!!!!


    RE: Community Team (Take 2) - Vote for the focal Pokemon

    Kinda want to vote DD Scrafty because it's a pretty cool mon, but there's no denying who the most potent threat in this list is...

    SubDD Dragonite
  18. King Arceus Aspiring Trainer
    King Arceus

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    RE: Community Team (Take 2) - Vote for the focal Pokemon


    This thing is so underused, but is good. It can take on rain very well and can really fit on almost any team.
  19. Chillarmy El problemo?


    RE: Community Team (Take 2) - Vote for the focal Pokemon

  20. Pride May I kill him?


    RE: Community Team (Take 2) - Vote for the focal Pokemon

    Well let us join the band wagon.


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