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  1. Some of you may have played this game in the past, and some of you have not. Nonetheless, here are the rules.

    I'm just going to use rules made by @TheFlyingPidove:

    Hi there! Welcome to The Timeout Corner, the game where you get to punish other people's bad behavior.
    The game is pretty simple, first you think of a punishment to give the last player for their bad behavior, and then you're the one to behave like a wild animal and break any rule you want. Only one rule we're all going to follow and that's to keep this thread PG.

    The thread also follows the YPPY rule, meaning you have to wait until at least two other people have posted before you can post again.

    The Host:
    I go to bed at 7:04 pm even though my bedtime is at 7:00.


    First Reply:
    No more apple juice for you for the rest of the month.

    I stand on the table when my parents aren't home.


    Second Reply:
    You can't watch any movies for the rest of your life.

    I skipped school this week to do research on becoming a cow.


    and this list goes on until Darmanitan locks the thread again.

    I'll start the game by drinking an extra cup of soda.

  2. Vom Fire Emblem? Fire Emblem.

    Forum Mod Member

    Now all you can ever drink for the rest of your life is soda. No exceptions.

    I binge Supernatural until the ungodly hours of the night.
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  3. Ephemera Wandering Faerie~


    You sleep through the ungodly hours of class time and have to do make-up work.

    In the instruction manual, I did Step 2 before Step 1.
  4. from now on, whenever you assemble IKEA furniture, you must complete step 2 before step 1.

    I fed the dog too much ice
  5. TheAquaPiplup I have been playing Glaceon-GX for way too long


    You now must eat 2 Ice bag

    I did the mario at 3am
  6. Vom Fire Emblem? Fire Emblem.

    Forum Mod Member

    You must now do the school at 3am.

    I got the job my parents told me not to get.
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  7. You can never retire from that job, ever.

    I slept on the bus and missed my stop.
  8. Ephemera Wandering Faerie~


    You have to get off at the very last stop, then walk back.

    I slept when I was supposed to be awake, and stayed awake when I was meant to sleep.
  9. Vom Fire Emblem? Fire Emblem.

    Forum Mod Member

    You can never break that cycle, you're a vampire now.

    The barista gave me a large instead of a medium and I kept it.
  10. well, you must barf up your drink and put it back.

    I left school 30 seconds early.
  11. Ephemera Wandering Faerie~


    The next day, all your teachers dismiss you 30 seconds late, making you late for all your classes.

    I broke the cardinal rule that idiots can't get sick.

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