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Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by steffenka, Feb 1, 2014.

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    Just got a shiny Sableye while Wonder Trading in Omega Ruby. Not only did it have Prankster and 6IVs, but it also had a free Ability Capsule. It made my day.

  2. Galaxy Hunter Shiny Mega Quest!
    Galaxy Hunter


    Finally, after over 1700 eggs, and two non-HA (but still viable) shinies, I got myself a shiny, HA Shroomish. Jolly nature, egg moves Focus Punch, Drain Punch, Seed Bomb, and Bullet Seed, IV's: 24/31/31/31/31/31. I nicknamed her Sriracha, and her siblings, Doomshroom and Nuke are going to be my Poison Heal stallers with a slightly different moveset for each! Next hunt: shiny Riolu!
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    On the 23rd, I got a shiny Whismur (male) and a shiny Machop (female) through hordes. Then on the 24th, I was trying to get a shiny Spoink; but never got one.

    Instead I found and caught two more shiny Machop (both male).
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    Something interesting happened last night, I encountered 4 shiny Pokemon (Slugma, Oddish, Voltorb and Luxio) in just an hour in friend safara. The shiny Pokemon just appeared after I switched the hunting area and I was speechless because I have never experienced this situation before.
  5. thegrovylekid Makes fake cards


    I got a Shiny 6IV Heracross over Wonder Trade.

    Moving on to the main attraction...

    I EV train in X and Y. A LOT. So I encounter hordes a lot. I was EV training Evil Dr.Goom the Goomy, and I went to train it in Special Defense on route 7 for Hoppips, and the first thing I run into is a Horde of Psyduck, and one of them was Shiny!
  6. WitherSnow I have no pokemon and i must scream.


    Most of my shiny hunts are Masuda method Breeding. And so far all of them failed.
    Here's what I tried.
    I tried shiny chain fishing but both times failed.
    After 20 or so encounters paranoia sets in and I second guess myself. So I have yet to return to chain fishing.
    I tried Horde Hunting after I learned about it. My first hunt rewarded me with a shiny Mime Jr. The battle was god damn
    heart pounding but I got it. My latest hunt was a safari hunt. And I got burnt out and stopped trying after a few hours.
    This was all in pokemon Y version. Most of the shinies I have are from random encounters or wonder trades. One morning I got a shiny Amaura. I also got a shiny Dragonite and shiny Rayquaza.
  7. Omega Soul I'm feeling dizzy
    Omega Soul


    Just masuda methoding for a shiny froakie, almost got a whole box of them. Hopefully it'll have protean, but no guarantees for that :p
  8. Galaxy Hunter Shiny Mega Quest!
    Galaxy Hunter


    I was doing some horde EV training yesterday (training up my new shiny Goomy and shiny Lapras) when I ran into two shinies in hordes; a shiny Grimer while doing Sp. Attack training in Fiery Path, and a shiny Spoink while training in Attack on Jagged Pass. The Spoink even had a Modest Nature (and crummy IV's)!

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