[YGO] Psudo Bakura Deck

Nekoban Ryo

I was afraid to post this in the "Fix My Deck" forum, since it isn't Pokemon, but if this belongs elsewhere, please move it.


I plan on doing a Yami Bakura cosplay later this year and, while it may not be essential, I would like to build a deck to go with it. My collection isn't very expansive, so there's a lot of cards I don't have, but I tried to make do with what I did have. Here's what I came up with:

Psudo Dark Bakura Deck (52 cards)

Effect Monsters (20 cards):
-Ultimate Obedient Fiend x1
-Dark Necrofear x1
-Great Maju Garzett x1
-Wall of Illusion x2
-Dark Jeroid x3
-Witch of the Black Forest x1
-Spirit Reaper x3
-Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower x3
-Sangan x1
-Man-Eater Bug x2
-Kuriboh x2

Normal Monsters (6 cards):
-Summoned Skull x2
-Master Kyonshee x2
-La Jinn The Mystical Genie of the Lamp x1
-The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams x1

Spell Cards (15 cards):
-Mystical Space Typhoon x2
-Change of Heart x1
-Black Pendant x1
-Card Destruction x1
-Shield & Sword x1
-Monster Reborn x1
-Heavy Storm x1
-Graceful Charity x1
-Pot of Greed x1
-Premature Burial x1
-Spirit Message "I" x1
-Spirit Message "N" x1
-Spirit Message "A" x1
-Spirit Message "L" x1

Traps Cards (11 cards):
-Just Desserts x2
-Destiny Board x1
-Ring of Destruction x1
-Fiend's Hand Mirror x1
-Waboku x1
-Magic Cylinder x1
-Curse of Royal x1
-Robbin' Goblin x1
-Coffin Seller x1
-Skull Lair x1

Any suggestions? Keep in mind that there are many cards I don't have and those that I do are mostly from the earliest sets and starter decks.


Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.
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Are you planning on doing this in Traditional Format? Keep in mind the banlist updates itself regularly, and searching through your list I've pointed out the cards that are banned in the current format:

~Witch of the Black Forest
~Charge of Heart
~Monster Reborn (Call of the Haunted is still legal though)
~Pot of Greed
~Graceful Charity
~Premature Burial
~Ring of Destruction
~Mystical Space Typhoon (actually, this one isn't banned, but you're only allowed 1 in a deck)

The most current list can be found here, although it will be updated next month.

As to deck advice, I'm sorry, but I'm not the best person around for that...

Nekoban Ryo

Nah, I'm not going with any particular format. Just trying to make a deck closest to Bakura's with what I have.