'World Down' and 'Legendary Heartbeat,' Japan's Summer Sets Introducing Amazing Rares!

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  1. Hongo Aspiring Trainer


    I’m liking that the art is more varied in this set for the V cards with multiple artists and not exclusively 5ban Graphics.
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  2. dmein89 Aspiring Trainer


    This is the set where there was a poster saying "a super relevant card that every deck will want is in" right? What card is that?
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  3. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    I don't think every single deck will run 4 of every single one of these "consistency Pokemon" because that's just a great way to clog up your Bench. But hey, what do I know. I don't play irl due to cost concerns to begin with.

    Probably Crobat?
  4. ioneos Aspiring Trainer


    I don't get this take. If no consistency cards are printed, or poor substitutes are (Mind Report, Primate Wisdom) then the format is just more inconsistent overall, and a supposed lower price tag makes sense given the lower consistency. But if these decks "have all they need" e.g. Guru, then why do these cards matter? You're not playing them, so you're not buying them, so your decks are just the same price as before.
  5. Kangaflora Aspiring Trainer


    Loving the Ariados, especially seeing that it will be getting the Poison treatment. if only they would do the same for Weedle, Kakuna and Beedrill.Good seeing Salamence as a Colorless again, but doesn't confirm what type Dragon-types are going to be in the Sword and Shield era, which is a tad frustrating.
  6. Holden Sheeks a.k.a. WinterShorts
    Holden Sheeks


    Cards that interest me:

    Crobat V, clearly, since that's the new Shaymin-EX everyone will talk about. In an Expanded perspective, this is super nice since not only it's a more bulkier Shaymin with more HP and a different weakness, but it's a Pokemon V, so things like Power Plant and Glaceon-GX won't lock it at all which is super nice. Definitley also like to see more consistency cards for standard as well, and what do you know they made it Dark-Type to make sure it fits nicely to whoever wants to conceptualize Eternatus decks (which looks pretty fun to build around so far given that you have the goon lines to work with should you need more damage on anything else).

    Salamence V also is really cool to me. I've been thinking about Coalossal paired with the upcoming Charizard V-MAX to beat everything, but I'd figure I'd have to do some damage modifying shenanigans to reach 320 HP on other VMAX pokemon, but since we have this Salamence, one spread attack from this thing (also easily chargable by Coalossal) and we reach 330, 340 if we're willing to try more shinanigans with G. Zigzagoon. I appreciate his existence.

    Scizor V's kina schnice for getting rid of a tool and special energy specifically in one go, so he might be a tech for something.

    I honestly don't see much potential from the other stuff.
  7. silversalamence10 Top Hat Regulator


    *Reads Salamence V* So for 4 energy I can do 160 damage AND destroy all spell and traps on the board? *shot*

    On another note, I do appreciate that Crobat V's ability is a hard once per turn.
  8. John InCENAroar Praising the Vish, Praying for Sableye V
    John InCENAroar


    So I know everyone's talking about Eternatus or Crobat or how the meta is bad and power creeping... but can we just talk about how Galarian Weezing can get free retreat now with the special energy? I think hit-and-run style decks have a better shot at viability now.
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  9. Mimikeon Aspiring Trainer


    No they weren't, other than a couple of them. The only extra Pokemon in the files were the 35 that were available for transfer the day Home launched.
  10. Cramp_Discharger Aspiring Trainer



    Seriously, this release feels kind of silly to me. They keep one-upping the meta with each passing set. We just got Dragapult VMAX in Rebel Clash--a formidable deck and possible contender for BDIF. NOW, in August, we're going to be getting loads of dark support which will make mincemeat of Dragapult. If this new dark stuff sees play (and, let's be honest, it's going to see A LOT of play), then it may push Dragapult out of the meta.

    I guess Dragapult's five minutes in the limelight was nice while it lasted, eh?
  11. I like pokemon Aspiring Trainer
    I like pokemon


    Hoopa seems like an effective 1-energy 1-prize mon. Its pretty much better in terms of damage output than zapdos and can be used in eternatus for softenning up a VMAX.
  12. Wechselbalg "okey"


    lol Eternatus VMAX drawback: can't use consistentcy Pokemon like Jirachi and Dedenne

    game: here, have a Dedenne (or rather Shaymin) replacement for Eternatus

    this game is truly dumb

    get ready for the meta of Eternatus mirrors bois
  13. jamashawalker Ikouze!


    These cards revealed are all amazing!!

    Houndoom V- shrine+Heatran is probably the best we have at the moment, not worth it though. Still going to buy one because I love Houndoom

    Dreadnaw V/VMAX- A coinflip with 240. We're already 2HKOing VMAXs with Inteleon and Lapras. I'd rather play Inteleon that can do better with the 60 bench snipe + a significantly better first attack

    Cursola V- I love you guys haha!! I feel like this card would be pretty good in a hit and run deck. Especially if you can threaten them with that 30 extra damage. Retreat cost of 2 goes well with air balloon

    Rhyperior V- It's as Rhyperior as Rhyperior gets lol An attack that annoys/disrupts and another attack that does a lot of damage for a lot of energy. Sorry Rhyperior.

    Ariados- I like this card in a VMAX metagame. In the VMAX metagame there will be lot of evolving bench sitters or other VMAXs you might want to gust up.

    Crobat V- Need I say anything....

    Scraggy- Fun prerelease card with a fun combo, but two energy attachment+ supporter for 180 isn't enough.

    Hoopa- Love me some hoopa. Zapdos was good because it had all the tools to go along with it, also facing lower HP pokemon. Hoopa could be that turn 1 first prize on a stranded Jirachi though. Would be fun to put it in the dark box.

    Eternatus V/VMAX- Good or bad, this card looks FUN! I'm not too worried about being in a rush to hit 270. It's barely enough to KO a VMAX without Garbodor+Toxicroak on the bench. Can't wait to spend over $100 on a playset.

    Scizor V- Ok I feel like this is getting a VMAX. This card is underwhelming. Also most V pokemon feel "complete" unless they are evolving into a VMAX. This doesn't feel complete at all.

    Salamence V- 30 spread WAS nice. But with cards like scoop up net and significantly higher HP pokemon, 30 spread ain't doing it anymore.

    Piers- I didn't realize it said ANY energy. That makes this card a lot better. That's a crobat V+ capture/weakness/hide energy for Eternatus VMAX.

    Rose/ Rose Tower- Man I love this combo. It's kind of like a more balanced Welder. The combos you can pull off with this card will be amazing. Sadly there's nothing that "needs" rose at the moment. Most VMAXs have better acceleration. But we can always hold this in our back pockets for when we get a VMAX that needs it

    Hide Energy- Goodbye Dark city. Unless we really need to play basic energy, I see no reason dark decks won't play 4 of them.
  14. Dark Espeon Dark Avatar
    Dark Espeon


    Here are some cards that interest me from those revealed thus far:

    Houndoom V: Looks like a decent counter to Zamazenta V in Fire Pokémon VMAX decks.

    Galarian Cursola V: Nice addition to Dragapult VMAX decks and combos well with Clefable and Spikemuth Stadium. The main idea would be to remove attached energies to benefit from Eating Aura and slow down the opponent at the same time. Spikemuth punishes Switch and Mr. Mime could be used to disable Scoop Uo Net while Galarian Cursola V and Dragapult VMAX distribute damage across the board.

    Eternatus VMAX: Better version of Mega Rayquaza with a low attack cost and some acceleration on the Basic Eternatus V. Combined with Crobat V and a few tech Darkness Pokßemon this could be a decent deck.

    Crobat V: Could become a stable in a lot of decks similar to Dedenne GX. However most decks other than Eternatus VMAX may not play more than one or two copies of Crobat V.

    Drednaw VMAX: At first glance this card does not look like much but Hard Shell combined with Buff Padding can turn this one into a tank. You need to hit for a solid 400 damage to knock it out in one hit. Factor in Mallow and Lana and this one could be a decent deck.

    Copperajah: Between Duraludon with Air Balloon, Twin Energy, Metal Saucer and Spikemuth Stadium this could be a decent one price deck with Galarian Perrserker as an additional damage accelerator.

    Piers: Great card to search out Crobat V and any energy card that you may need.

    Rose and Rose Tower: These two cards are a nice but risky combo. Eternatus VMAX does not seem to need either of them that bad but some others such as Copperajah VMAX may benefit from that combo.

    Spikemuth: Nice damage stadium that punishes the opponent for either using switch or retreating the current active Pokémon.

    Hide Energy: Free retreat is always great.
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  15. Yaginku Aspiring Trainer


    Spikemuth is interesting, but I have no idea how it will play out. I suspect it won't be good enough - there's enough Stadium hate in the format, it tough to squeeze into existing decks and perhaps not many decks can play it without taking damage themselves.
    It looks like a great Jirachi hate card for sure. But I don't see any of them killing a Jirachi any time soon. It has to tick five times, which doesn't seem feasible.
  16. Joldilocks Aspiring Trainer

    News Staff Member

  17. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    • Spikemuth Town - nice card, can be helpful in some decks that requires combos. Houndoom V comes to mind. 4 Geodudes. (Darkness Ablaze gave us good stadiums these days, Glimwood Tangle, Rose Tower, and this)
    • Copperajah - 240 is nice since this can use Twin Energy. 3-4
  18. MilesEX Aspiring Trainer


    Completely agree with you about Scizor, also there are 2 VMAX in this main Japanese set (so far). Even if they've announced all the V Pokemon, there is no way they only have two VMAX in a 100+ card set.

    I think Scizor, then Rhyperior, then Houndoom are the options for VMAX. 3 Fire VMAX in our main English set would be a lot though.
  19. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    I feel like the art on Copperajah doesn't quite do it justice, but the attack looks pretty nice... if only it was more streamable, but I suppose that if it was it would be too OP haha.

    Perhaps in Expanded with Metal Links Bronzong (or, you know, ADP....)
  20. LostSalamence LOST: The End


    They are really pushing the amount of Copperajah cards. It's in almost every set. The Bewear of Sun&Moon...
    Pretty neat art again, though.
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