Discussion Winners of December's TCG Cup Crowned! Deck Lists and Interview!

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I'd like enter the tournament. I'm in the Eastern time zone and am available in the afternoon and early evening or weekend mornings and evenings. I'm SummerDaze on PTCGO and will send my deceits on Wednesday. I am a premium member.
Hello! I'd like to register for this tournament. My information is:

(1) Central Standard Time
(2) Monday, Thursday, Friday after 2:30 PM and usually available the entire weekend.
(3) GatrPrime
(4) I plan to PM the TO about my list by the end of tomorrow.
(5) I am a premium member.
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(1) Eastern Time Zone, (2) Tuesday-Sunday after 1pm ET , (3) reallywetwaffle, (4) plan to PM the TO by tomorrow night, and (5) not a premium member
I am entering the tournament. Info:
(1) EST
(2) Available most weekends, some weekdays after 4.
(3) Elliot4me
(4) Either tomorrow morning or Monday
(5) Not a premiuk member.
(6) [email protected]
Extremely excited for this!

(1) Central (U.S.)
(2) Usually evenings (starting around 5ish) and nights. Never mornings or early afternoon. This goes for weekdays and weekends.
(3) Braixen
(4) Probably the 19th so I can make some adjustments.
(5) Currently not premium.
(6) Email is up to date.
1. EST
2. Weekends are the best, and I'm usually available in the evenings at around 5, and definitely later on.
3. EspeonROX
4. Sunday or Monday
5. I am a regular member.
6. My email has been updated.
(1) Central Standard Time
(2) Weekdays after 7 p.m.; Most of weekends as long as it's arranged.
(3) Charranitar
(4) Prior to the closing of registration.
(5) Premium
(6) Up to date.
How will the coin flip be handled for best of 3 matches for games 2 and 3? Will we just use the random coin flip for those games as well, or will there be some other recommended system in play for allowing the loser of the previous game to go first in the next game of the match?

Will intentional draws be allowed?
Important note to competitors:

If you'd like to use Faded Town (Ancient Origins 73), it is currently banned in PTCGO due to a glitch, even though it is Standard legal. They likely won't be patching it until February. So adjust your decks accordingly if applicable!
(1) EST
(2) Weekdays after 9pm or after 3pm on Thursdays. I'll usually have at least one day of the weekend available, but that depends on my work schedule.
(3) cold246
(4) It will definitely be in by the 19th, but if I decide on my deck quickly it will most likely be sooner.
(5) I am not a premium member.
(6) [email protected]

Can't wait to battle, Pokebeach :)
I would like to enter!

1) My timezone is CST (Chicago time)
2) I have class from 9-5 M-Th, but I'm free other times and I'm pretty flexible. I participated in the May Monthly while in vacation in Germany and woke up at 4 AM to play a match, so I can be accommodating.
3) My username is CharlesR I think. My login name is crllburmy. I'm not sure which is the official one but I think it's CharlesR.
4) I can PM my decklist to Camoclone within the next twenty four hours or whenever I'm supposed to!
5) I am NOT a premium member.

Hope it's a great tournament!
I would like to enter:
1) Timezone is Easter
2) Not a premium member
3) I have class M-F but it's pretty open so we can make it happen!
4) my username is xdarkknighto
5) I'll PM Camoclone w/in the next 24 hours!

Super pumped!
(1) Timezone: Pacific / PST
(2) Availability: 4:30 PM - 10:00 PM (usually)
(3) PTCGO Username: AbsolutelyEevee
(4): Deck Choice: No later than Tuesday, Jan 19th!
(5): Premium?: Unfortunately, not at this moment, (considering in future)!
(6): Email up to date?: I believe so, I will make sure though!

Good luck to everyone! (Hopefully I read the rules enough :p)
1)Timezone PST (Nevada time)
2)Anytime after 1pm pst and can play till 1am
3)Username theprp30
4)I can PM my decklist whenever Camoclone is ready for it
5)Not a a premium member
6)Email is [email protected]

After a match in PTCGO, there's an option to export the game log (which copies it to the clipboard). It might be a good idea to have competitors save these just in case someone accuses another player of changing their deck, or falsely claiming a win, etc.