Pokemon What's Your Favorite Pokémon and Why?

zappy800 said:
Like the last poster my favorite spin-off games are colosseum/XD however my favorite pokemon is charizard since it was my first starter ever when I played fire red.

I did choose that guy but I no need to waste my sig,
It's obvious, Mew.

When Pokemon came to me I had changed my favorites multiple times, From charizard to dragonite to rayquaza, etc.
Mew is my longest laster so far, Although the pink isnt hot pink (:mad:) I still love mew, It's abilities, and cuteness makes you wanna give it a chance.
my favorite pokemon is charizard since it was my first starter ever when I played fire red.
And now it's level 100!
It's a tie between Goodra and Venusaur. Goodra was my first drago type that I've trained before the Elite Four and that I used I the an Elite Four, so it has sentimental value to me. It's strong and it has amazing Special Defense. It can also learn strong moves like Power Whip.
Venusaur is sick design was too. It's awesome that it has a Mega Evolution that has amazing stats. It destroys on the battlefield with moves like Toxic, Frenzy Plant, Outrage, and Seed Bomb. However, it is weak to a lot of types (Ice, Flying, Bug?, Ground?, Fire, Psychic). It's a toss up for me.
My top 5:

1. Leafeon
Leafeon was what got me in to Pokemon. It was my first card, right after the release of Majestic Dawn. It was the Theme Deck holo.

2. Stunfisk
Because Stunfisk, that's why.

3. Aegislash
It has an amazing design, and I'm 99.9% sure it was based off of Aegis, the ancient Greek mythological shield. And for those of you who don't know, I love Greek mythology.

4. Yveltal
I just love the design and the concept behind it. It was my favorite Gen 6 'Mon until I saw Aegislash.

5. Charizard
My first Pokemon in a game (Firered). Still have him to this day. Lv. 100.

When Gen IV was coming out, I decided I would stray away from any research into it so I could discover the games by myself when they were released (I failed to do that in the end, lol). I accidentally saw Snover dressed as a Christmas tree on Serebii's advent calender banner and fell in love with it.
Not sure on my favorite, but Blastoise is up there because I won a Blastoise plushie at Worlds of Fun the first time I was there when I was really young. Otherwise, I like Volcarona, Chandelure, Venusaur, Gengar, and Mewtwo. (and Charizard, of course, but that should just be assumed for everyone, right?)
My favorite Pokemon is Jolteon. The general design of Jolteon blows me away, and I love the stats on it. They fit my playstyle of going in fast and hitting hard before the opponent can do anything about it. Plus Electric types are my favorite typing, so it just helps it even further.
Garchomp all the way. He is an awesome sweeper who gets even better with a mega evolution. Great speed and attack, and above avarage HP and defenses. Typing is awesome also, he has ground STAB, so he can demolish electric types.

Gen 1:

Charizard (I know this pokemon is very debatable, but it is an awesome looking classic)

Gen 2:

Typhlosion (This, to me, was my favorite pokemon for a while, but then Garchomp grew on me)
Scizor (Nobody hates this guy)

Gen 3:

Breloom (A mushroom-boxing dude, just awesome)

Gen 4:


Gen 5:

Samurott (In my opinion, the coolest looking evolution line)
Reuniclus (Jellyman with psychic powers, awesome)
Bouffalant (Angry bull with a fro, awesome)
Kyurem and forms

Gen 6:

Florges (Powerful walking flower, awesome)
Clawitzer (Lobster with its own built in cannon, awesome)
My Favorite Pokemon is Raichu! He's cute and powerful! Has really strong moves and is super chubby! <3 Love him!
I Really Like Sceptile, He is Definetely my favourite.
Awesome Design (Based on a Tree Gecko hence the basic evolutions name being Treecko)
Lightning Quick
Awesome Colour scheme
Insanely Strong (Heck, He Took out a Darkrai!)

Not Grass/Dark
Isnt Reliable For Sweeping
Movepool isn't the best but not the worst

Overall he is a Beast!

My top 10 Favourites:
So hard to pick since I love quite a few, but I love Gengar and the whole evolution line from the show. I also really love umbreon and all the eeveelutions because.... well just because they all are so neat in there own ways :).
I love the gen III legendaries. I think their designs are so synchronised and stay faithful to each other. I include Deoxys in this. Despite not being related to the trio, I feel that it matches up. Jirachi can do one though.

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Tough question, but I'd definitely have to go with Charizard. Charmander was the first pokemon I ever got. I still remember getting my first starter, charmander, on my Firered version which I got for Christmas 10 years ago. I miss those days. Wish I could be a kid again and play with my charizard like I did back then.
718 Pokémon and I love every single last one. Not even Zubat get on my nerves :p
But my all time fav Pokémon is without a doubt Totodile
- the first pokemon game I played was Silver version, which sparked my love for pokemon and video games as a whole.
- Totodile was the first Pokémon I received from Professor Elm.
- & Ash's Totodile is the cutest/coolest pokemon ever!

a few more awesome pokemon I must point out in my all time fav list are:
  • Hoothoot
  • Lugia
  • Roselia
  • Ludicolo
  • Rayquaza
  • Garchomp
  • Krookodile
  • Hydreigon
  • Kyurem
  • Dedenne
Adding to my previous post to say that I absolutely love Typhlosion. It has to be one of the cutest Pokemon to have follow you around on Heart Gold, which is awesome, and I am still looking forward to how righteous it will look in 3d. It is definitely one of my favorites.
Mine is Lucario. As a young, young child it used to be Pikachu, than Typhlosion with Crystal, than Umbreon and Turtwig... but for the last few generations I've settled on Lucario. I love how he's just so humble in pokemon amie lol.
My favorite Pokemon has been the same one since 2007 and it's Absol. I like it's design, color scheme, it's a dark type, and it has a really good back story which a lot Pokemon have. I also really like it's Mega evolution since it resembles an angel and how it fits with it's story, it's a "guardian angel". But I'll list my top 10 also:

1. Absol
2. Greninja
3. Kabutops
4. Joltik
5. Druddigon
6. Houndoom
7. Politoed
8. Croagunk
9. Sableye
10. Goomy

I do Legendaries separate, here's my top 5:
1. Yveltal
2. Genesect
3. Giratina
4. Rayquaza
5. Victini
I love Entei, the movie it's in makes me cry every time ;.;
People say Entei's supposed to be a dog, but I think it's more of a lion. And I love everything that looks like a lion. Umbreon and Espeon also look awesome.
My favorite Pokémon has to be Venusaur. He wasn't my first starter back in Blue, it was Charmander but after the difficulty when facing Brock I took the easy route, started a new walkthrough and chose Bulbasaur. It wasn't the best motive but after evolving Bulbasaur and Ivysaur and get that "sleeping giant" I fell in love with it. I didn't trained another until LG came and then I had no doubts when choosing Bulbasaur also because I was already in love with the Grass-type.

I'll take the opportunity and also list my Nº1 in each region (and some that are also among my favorites).

Kanto - Venusaur obviously, but I also love Victreebel (amazing design, movepool, namely Sleep Powder that's very useful for catching Pokémon).

Johto - Sunflora. I just love the simplicity of its design and that smile is heart-warming.
I didn't had such a good experience with Meganium back in Gold and only with HG did it truly earn a place among my favorites.

Hoenn - Sceptile. It just seems so awesome and with Leaf Blade it's like a Grass Samurai. Its Pkdex description also makes him look gentle and kind.
Tropius also is one of my favorites along with Seedot and Shiftry.

Sinnoh - Turtwig. This guy is just so cute! Torterra is also amazing and another (less) sleeping giant.
Carnivine is another favorite because it's funny to see such a deadly Pokémon (since it's a carnivourous plant) with such display of "happiness".

Isshu - Serperior without a doubt. The Versailles influence, the nobility, the scary look... Oh man, this Pokémon has Slytherin all over it! (yes, I'm a fan of Slytherin from the Harry Potter series).

Kalos - Gogoat/Skiddo and Phamtump/Trevenant. I have yet to play the games so the choice is hard between one of the four. I loved the Gogoat (Alexa's?...I can't remember) from the Decolora season and the whole line seems awesome. Phantump and Trevenant are one of my dreams come true and I also like their Pkdex's description, namely Trevenant's.
*cough* who do you see all over my page? :p Dat goodra. So cuddly. It has a fun design almost dragonite but with no wings.