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  • Hello, I noticed on your FS you have Toxicroak as your hidden pokemon, I was wondering if you add me to your friends list so I can enter your Friend Safari.
    Hi!! I just saw that you have 1 Umbreon * & 1 Espeon *. My friend and I have been looking for those cards for so long. I will almost do anything for them. Do you need any of the cards I have on my list?? :):):):):):):)
    lol wow I never knew you can post on other people profile but then again I been gone for a while lol.... any ways I just learn something new :). Well I am willing to do the 2 Yanmega Prime for the x2 goth ability and maybe some collectors... let me know if this sounds good to you.
    Hi again. I like the X2 Cubchoo RH #28 and the x3 Good Beartic and RH Vileplume. I have 2 Goth Abilty and some more stuff. Please CML. Thanks you!!!!
    I really need the 2 Yanmega Prime, I can give you: Goths x2 Abilty, x1 Pokemon Catcher x2 Pokemon Collectors and some other stuff on my thread. Please LMK what else you see, if I don't replay soon please post on my profile. Thank you!
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