Discussion What Pokémon Do You Want to See as a GX, and Why?


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I think an Octillery-GX would be great. It is one of my favorite Pokémon and it has a really cool design. Unfortunately, this Pokémon did not even receive an EX card, so it would be awesome to see it get its own GX.


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I really want to see Arceus-GX. Arceus is a Pokemon that gets lots of hype but hasn't seen a card (excluding a few random promos) in multiple years. I also think it should be somewhat playable because in all honesty I have never seen even one playable Arceus card. If not that, a really overpowered Greninja-GX would be awesome! Greninja is one of my favorite starters by far. Plus it only has 2 cards in the TCG, so it's not like we're getting spammed with Greninja cards.

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Oh, this is a really awesome idea!

I'd love to see a Chandelure GX! I love the first Chandelure card from Noble Victories; both the Ability and the attack were awesome, and it's my second favorite Pokemon. But once EX's were re-introduced in the next set, Chandelure's Ability practically became useless against them. After that, I feel like every Chandelure card has been VERY interesting, but never too playable. And if I recall correctly, Chandelure EX was similar to the first card with its attack? But it was still underwhelming compared to other EX's.

In a sense, I think part of the reason I like Greninja BREAK so much is because of the similarities to that first Chandelure. And that's essentially a Stage 3 card. If that can become a viable deck, and if we're moving into at least a slightly more evolutions-friendly format, I think this could also be viable. An Ability similar to the first card with dropping damage counters, a similar status condition attack as the first one, though doing slightly more damage or costing one less energy (or both), and a GX attack that either drops a lot of damage counters, spreads/transfers them, or plays off of how many status conditions are on the defending Pokemon.

And for an idea with less thought put into it... Honestly, if an Arceus GX with a similar Ability to the Lv.X's could happen (which requires making TYPED Arceus cards), that'd be awesome.
Edit: To be specific, it would be the Omniscient Poke-Body in order to use any attack from any of your other Arceus cards in play. The Multitype Poke-Body wouldn't make much sense; though, maybe there could be Tool cards for the Plates if we wanted the GX to be a different type?
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There's a few Legendary/mythical pokemon that I think don't get nearly enough love in the TCG, like Deoxys, or Cressselia, Regigigas, or even Meloetta and Celebi. Celebi at least seems like it has a chance at a GX in Shining Legends, but besides legendary/mythical pokemon, the ones that really stand out for me would be Torterra, Kabutops, Tentacruel, Leavanny, Gothitelle, Araquanid, and a few basics, like Durant, Heatmor, Tropius, and possibly the Oricorios. But what I've really been waiting for the other Mega Pokemon that haven't gotten cards yet, though It's extremely unlikely we'll see them in the GX format now. Maybe we can have them as Promos or secret rares in Shining Legends? Pretty unlikely, all I know is that the Mega Tyrannitar box was garbage. Should've been a new Pokemon! Like Mega Banette or Lopunny, or Mega Latias! We got Latios without Latias??? What the heck??? The salt will never go away.


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How about a Empoleon GX he is a really cool pokemon, and as a stage two he could have lots of HP
And make him actually good


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Darmanitan-Darmanitan is tied for my favorite Pokemon with two others. Not to mention we haven't seen a single Darmanitan card in nearly five years now. If I could see a Darmanitan hit the ultra rare slot just once I'd be so happy. It's a cool Pokemon too, I don't see why it wouldn't ever be considered. They did put it on a pack art once, after all.

Empoleon-Oh hey there's the other favorite of mine. I love this guy. He s got a great design and all of his cards have bren really fun/interesting to play over time (except for like...That BW promo that everyone forgot about).

Lilligant-Just want to see an ultra rare Lilligant. She's the other one of my favorites (tied with Snorlax and the other two). This might not ever see the spotlight but I can wish right?

Alolan Exeggutor-Need I mention anything about this one?

The Unova Starters: It's about time these three got a trio of Ultra Rares. Poor Samurott, especially. At least Serperior and Emboar got something but itd be nice to see them all at once. They're starters too so people would obviously recognize them.

Nidoking/Nidoqueen: Love these two. Really want to see them. Their design would work for a flashy-looking ultra rare too being basically mini Kaiju monsters.

The forces of Nature: Best legendary trio, no questions. They've been featured before so I could see this.

Arceus, Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf, Regice, and any other legend who didn't get an EX. I would have liked to have tjem as EX's but I'll settle for GXs if the time ever comes. Theyre legends so obviously they'll be marketable.

Really I just want to see different Pokemon honestly. The ex era did this well, giving Pokemon like Mime or Medicham exs. Hopefully the Sun and Moon era does this type of thing.

Out of these mainly I'd like to see Darmanitan. I just want a good Darmanitan card.
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my personal fav pokemon final evolved id love gx of
luxray gx
magmortar gx
electivire gx
magnezone gx (along with half the chain)
samurott gx
venusaur and blastoise to go with charizard
pyukumuku gx xD (i dont know it would be funny)
sudowoodo gx with its guardians rising ability
mew gx (to go with mewtwo)
shining mewtwo to go with shining mew
shining shinx (one can wish)
alolan marowak gx (shouldve been burning shadows mascot and a pack art)
things that would make sense
mandibuzz and braviary gx battle deck
sandslash-alola vs exeggutor-alola battle half decks
thats all i can think of. lemme know your thoughts


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My suggestions;
- Lucario GX - It is a popular pokemon and is certainly marketable, and I'm not gonna bring up Pokken coming to the switch, as that is somewhat irrelevant
- Toucannon GX - I feel that this is rather likely as most of the other FE alolan mons have GX's so it's only a matter of time
- Alola Raichu GX - Being the evolved of Pikachu, I'd Raichu is marketable as well, and I do think the next Alola Raichu card (as it hasn't been in a main set yet) will be a GX
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I would love to see a Gyarados GX, it seems like the perfect example of the whole GX theme of something tiny and weak growing into a monstrosity. Between Magikarp Jump and Pokemon Go, I feel like the dragon fish is one everyone is familiar with, and I was bummed we never got (to my knowledge) a blue Gyarados EX. Water type seems to be getting a lot of love recently, and with no Water Ultra Beasts for the November set they will need something to give the type.

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My suggestions;
- Lucario GX - It is a popular pokemon and is certainly marketable, and I'm not gonna bring up Pokken coming to the switch, as that is somewhat irrelevant
- Toucannon GX - I feel that this is rather likely as most of the other FE alolan mons have GX's so it's only a matter of time
- Alola Raichu GX - Being the evolved of Pikachu, I'd Raichu is marketable as well, and I do think the first Alola Raichu card (as we don't have one yet) will be a GX

While I like your suggestions, I must point out that we've already had an Alolan Raichu card. But the next one will probably be a GX.


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1. Honchkrow
2. Mimikyu
3. Weavile
4. Togekiss
5. Clefable. I know we've gotten a lot of Clefable, but they all suck.
A Mimikyu GX was already printed in the Ash vs. Team Rocket theme decks in Japan. Granted, it's Team Rocket's Mimikyu GX, but it's still a Mimikyu GX regardless.

MAROWAK time is surely coming!!! Burning Shadows dropped the bone on that One.. BURNING SHADOWS.. ALOLAN MAROWAK.. It would've been PERFECT!!

Unfortunately, this isn't the case here, as pretty much all the GXs of Burning Shadows were already released. Who knows, the Japanese SM3 expansion pack might include it.


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There should be a Wailord GX. And as always it should be the pokemon with the highest HP in its era (maybe the first GX to reach 300hp?). Also following its trend it should be having some high energy cost attack which isnt any good, so Wailord GX will just end up as a wall and nothing more. I doubt that there are many people out there who are disliking giant whales which are smiling with their big teeths right at you


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Dunsparce GX- It is adorable, kids will love it and it would be a funny card

Porygon Z GX- Fun gen 1 poke that evolved more and more through the generations

Infernape GX, Lucario GX as a steel type, Rosarade Gx.

REgigigas GX with an ability to summon other Regi cards


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Okay, I am going to rattle off a ton of Pokémon that literally have had barely any cards printed compared to those to date.

Giraferig, Stantler, All baby pokemon, Swalot, Breloom, Zangoose, Arbok, Kingler, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, Furret, Linoone, Bellosom, Ambipom, Qwilfish, Mantine, Miltank, Slaking, Grumpig, Cacturne, Whiscash, Crawdaunt, Cradily, Armaldo, Tropius, Chimecho, Gorebyss, Relicanth, Luvdisk, Krikitune, Roserade, Rampardos, Bastiodon,Cherrim, Gastrodon, Skuntank, Purugly, Spiritomb, Carnivine, Hippowdon, Drapion, Rotom, Phione
Liepard, Swoobat, Conkeldurr, Gigalith, Leavanny , Scolipede, Darmanitan, Crustle, Scraffty, Swanna, Sawsbuck
Escavalier, Beartic, Mienshao, Volcarona

This list includes cards that have either not had a print in a while, Had few prints compared to other cards in the format, Pokémon that have not seen competitively play, could have potential in a competitive scene, Have not seen an ex print at all or in a decade, may not be known by fans and thus bring more love to pokemon that otherwise go unnoticed. Most of these are evolution lines and would fit nicely in the slower format we currently have. They also vary in type. I relized while looking through the list that to cover all types, cards have to be reprinted or the same pokemon is printed multiple times in less than 10 sets. However there are enough pokemon out there in which pokemon could still rotate pokemon and not print the same ones in almost every set (mewtwo). yes mewtwo brings revenue because its well known, but its pokemon. You could put a pokemon on a pack that isn't a gx in the set and people will still buy them. If I saw a pack arts of liepard, beartic, hitmonlee, and giraferig, I'm sure they would look pretty sweet just like most pack arts do. Marketing isn't hard when your product almost sells regardless. But if these pokemon aren't playable such as the multiple clefairy that have been printed, they will continue to be filler cards in sets and get no attention.

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Give me a Blastoise GX to go along with that Charizard!! LOVE me some Blastoise!!

I'm really excited for Tapu Koko GX, so Jolteon GX and Raikou GX are musts!!!

After seeing Mewtwo get a functional reprint :( I would love for Psychic to get an OP Gengar GX. Since it's stage 2 and allergic to garbodor, give it something amazing to make it playable.


How about a Venusaur GX? Or let's do the other Eeveelutions as GX Pokémon.

And hey, these aren't necessarily GX's but how about more alternate types. Where is our Psychic Delphox and fighting Chesnaught to go with the that dark Greninja? Let's get a psychic Decuideye, Dark Incineroar and Fairy Primarina.