Discussion What Pokémon Do You Want to See as a GX, and Why?


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Personally, I would want an Altaria-GX, it is one of my favorite pokemon, and there hasn't really been a playable one from what I can remember. Also, there are many ways to make it appealing, because it is covered in fluff!


I'd love it to be turned on its head, how about more pre evolution GX? Like we have had a Pikachu GX in the Team Rocket set how about Bulbasaur GX or little more realistic i'd love a Syther/Pinsir or Magmar GX especially those Pokemon not even evolved until later Gen's?

OR what about mega GX? more megas are coming to ultra sun and ultra Moon so could we see Mega GX?


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Hmm. How about a Stoutland-GX. Never seemed to have much love. Maybe something like:

Stoutland-GX– Colorless – 240 HP
Stage 2 – Evolves from Herdier

Ability: Loyal Guard
Whenever damage would be dealt to your Active Pokémon, you may switch that Pokémon with this Pokémon. All damage and effects would be done to this Pokémon instead.

[C][C][C] Ferocious Barking: 40× damage. Flip 4 coins. This attack does 30 damage times the number of heads.

[C] Sleuth Hunter GX: This attack does 30 damage times the number of item cards in your discard pile.

Pokémon-GX rule: When your Pokémon-GX is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Fighting ×2
Resistance: none
Retreat Cost: 3

Illus. Wonderful Whismur
City of Stars – 39/149 – Ultra Rare

Definitely with some Litten related art.


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If I may drop some suggestions:
- Suicune GX
- Ampharos GX
- Milotic GX
- Flygon GX
- Gorebyss / Huntail GX
- Rapidash GX
- Jynx GX
- Bellossom GX
- Sudowoodo GX
- Shedinja GX
- Luxray GX
- Mamoswine GX
- Frosslass GX
- Zebstrika GX
- Cofagrigus GX
- Eelektross GX
- Chandelure GX
- Vivillon GX


1. Honchkrow
2. Mimikyu
3. Weavile
4. Togekiss
5. Clefable. I know we've gotten a lot of Clefable, but they all suck.


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I think these would have to be my top five Pokémon that I think should get a GX.

5. Gengar. Gengar is a very popular Pokémon that does get quite a bit of cards in the trading card game (Not to the level of Mewtwo or Charizard though.) In the TCG though, his cards are usually very cool and interesting having effects that most other Pokémon don't have. Gengar would allow for a really interesting GX attack, and is just the kind of Pokémon that deserves a GX.

4. Scizor. I'm picking this mostly because I think Scizor may have some increased popularity do to him being playable in Pokken Tournament Deluxe, besides that though, he's a metal type, and metal really needs a buff in power, with their only really viable deck at the moment being Metagross GX.

3. Arcanine. Arcanine always seemed like a Pokémon that was loved by a lot of fans, but for some reason never got an EX. A GX would make up for him never getting one. He's a pretty memorable a popular Pokémon and is even from the first Generation. He could very easily be a highly collectable card, and an Ultra Rare Arcanine would be amazing. That mixed with the fact that some very cool art could be made with the little flame dog.

2. Weavile. Weavile just seems like he could be a really interesting GX. He'd have low HP, but he'd probably be a low energy costing, free retreating card, that could be one of the more interesting stage 1 GX, and he never got an EX, besides being a fairly popular Pokémon.

1. Empoleon. I think that some more starter Pokémon deserve a GX, but the one I'd want to see most of all is Empoleon. To few starters got their own EX. Empoleon is one of my all time favorite starters, and his inclusion Pokken tournament DX might spark popularity for him. It might even be cool if they changed his typing to steel instead of his normal water type, this is largely because I'd like to see more metal decks.


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One of my favorite Pokemon is sabeleye which is one of those mega that didn't get printed so maybe some redemption for him especially sense mawile it's counterpart got a mega box(not a good print but still). While not really a kid friendly Pokemon per say it is based on an alien encounter that happened in real life(or at least a fabricated story about it) so it's a pretty interesting Pokemon
At the very least give me a mega for it


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Alolan exeggutor, I really hope the RR would have a nice art :]

Now that I think about it, how do we not have Alolan Marowak or an Alolan exxegutor?

I would love to see a Dark Type Houndoom GX with an ability similar to Houndoom prime. With an effect of it it has a fire energy attached Houndoom-GX is also fire type.


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Aerodactyl-GX seems a good a candidate as any.

Aerodactyl, aside from just looking cool, has always stood out as sort of a mascot for Fossil/Restored Pokemon. Being the only one with a Mega Evolution as well as usually being by far the most playable Restored Pokemon in the TCG definitely helps give it familiarity with the fanbase.

An Aerodactyl GX card, namely one using the Restored Pokemon system (whether based off the current system or utilizing a modern version of Mysterious Fossil) would be an interesting addition to the game, especially if PCL takes some design tips from the very powerful Fates Collide Aerodactyl.

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Wobbuffet-GX for 3 main reasons:

1- It would be recognizable to those only watching the anime.
2- It only has a Baby-Evolution, meaning TPCi wouldn't need to dedicate an entire evolution line to this card.
3- It doesn't have to be super competitive, but serve a purpose that would merit a one of.

I understand that there was a Wobbuffet break not too long ago, however it was garbage and only obtainable through a pricey collection box. Lastly, the most recent Wobbuffet card, that is not a reprint with different art, is all the way back in Phantom Forces. Definitely overdue in my opinion.


I am personally a big fan of Ampharos / Thundurus (In it's Therian form) as potential GX's.

I would say that Ampharos-GX would be the cute one (at least in my opinion it's super darn cute <3) I would suggest a cuter looking Ampharos-GX, that might be playable but I wouldn't be mad if it weren't since it's also a stage 2 pokemon. (I kinda just want Ampharos GX for the idea mostly :p)

However for the Thundurus(Therian)-GX, that looks more "badass", and since it's a basic I would really hope they made it playable (unlike the last Thundurus-EX) And maybe give it a super strong GX attack.

Now I know we got Koko as the "good" lightning type now, but if anything I would love to see either 1 of these 2 compete with Koko for "best offensive lightning type" in the tcg :3


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Serperior-GX! (You probably saw that coming.)

Remember when Royal Heal was used with Tyranitar Prime a few years back? Let's see Royal Heal make another return in GX form or something. Make it an Ability so it's at least playable, unlike that Primarina-GX nonsense. Throw that with the bulk of Tapu Bulu and it'd be cool. Or make it so op that you can just run that with FOGP in Expanded (because we all know that's getting rotated) and call it a day.

All of that aside, just give it some beautiful artwork and I'd be happy with that.

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Even though we had a Flygon EX in a box not a few years ago, it seems to be a Pokémon which could be interesting to have in the TCG. Preferably as a Fighting type (So Fairies wouldn't be a problem), I think Flygon could be used as a hard hitting Pokémon with a lower HP for a Stage 2 GX (such as 190). Plus, the potential for a GX attack is vast, but I think something along the lines of:

1 Fighting, 2 Colourless: 120 Damage: The opposing player can't use any Trainer cards during their next turn.

Since it's only an attack that can be used once a game, I see that being reasonable. And it can cause the opposing player some problems. I gave it that attack cost because, most of the time, GX attacks are far more expensive then normal attacks, causing players to add more energies onto their Pokémon for a move they can only use once.

For the other attacks, I would have a single fighting energy for 40 damage, and a single fighting energy and two colourless for 150 damage (not affected by resistance)

That's all from me. Since I'm new to the TCG (competitive-wise) if I've made a mistake with the wording of my cards, please tell me.


For me, it's Suicune & Arcanine. Mainly, for 2 reasons, they are two of the most beautiful Pokemon and that they get no Full Art love from the TCG. Having them on the full display of a GX card would be legendary for these LEGENDARY Pokemon!

I really thought "Shining Legends" would give them the love they deserve but no... #StillWaiting
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Milotic-GX lol. First off, it was already disappointing Milotic didn't get a Mega Evolution when ORAS came out. Milotic is seen as the counterpart of Gyarados: both strong stage 1 evolutions coming from weak fish. Gyarados got a Mega Evolution, and an expansion (BreakPoint) revolved around it. It'd be amazing if they could make a Milotic-GX (the last Milotic card was back in Primal Clash). Maybe make it a bulky water like what it is in the game, similar to Lapras-GX where you can go quad (but that can get boring), and make it so that one of its attacks can heal. Its GX attack can be Marvel Scale: search for Pokemon from your deck that your Benched Pokemon evolve into and evolve them. Imagine that setup where you get to evolve all your Pokemon. I'm saying its GX attack should be an evolving one because Milotic is so difficult to evolve in the game (especially in the beginning with maxing beauty, but much easier now with Prism Scale).


MAROWAK time is surely coming!!! Burning Shadows dropped the bone on that One.. BURNING SHADOWS.. ALOLAN MAROWAK.. It would've been PERFECT!!


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I have some ideas, but I don't think they're all so marketable, (Golurk-GX, Zebstrika-GX, Bisharp-GX, Crawduant-GX, just some cool Pokémon that don't see much love.)

Haxorus-GX would be pretty cool. People like it, and I'm sure it could have some interesting attacks.

Another interesting one would be Deoxys-GX. With an Ability that allows you to switch it with another Deoxys-GX of another form from your hand (kind of like GRI Wishiwashi's Schooling.) However, having 4 Deoxys-GX would likely upset some people, so just 1 would be fine.

A list of some Pokémon I would like to see:
Gigalith-GX (did see a buff in the video games with the release of Sun and Moon)
Mantine-GX (same deal as Gigalith)



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I would love to see Miltank GX It would honestly be very fully to see this big cow do massive damage and being a fancy full art/ rainbow rare. I would get 3 atleast in my deck :)


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Since Charizard is getting a GX, I think it's fair the other Kanto starters should get a GX. The Kanto starters have always been popular with people. So, looking forward to see Venusaur GX and Blastoise GX in the future.