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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Paolo Forati, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Luplayz The Master of bad Pokemon


    this is super sad to hear, he didnt deserve for this to happen, he was a super nice guy.

  2. TropicHawk Aspiring Trainer


    I didn't know him personally, but I agree it's still really sad.
  3. Luplayz The Master of bad Pokemon


    i knew him pretty well, later on in the lifespan of the site, i wondered where he was, i thought he was just AFK, but im guessing i assumed the best, when it could be the worst.
  4. TropicHawk Aspiring Trainer


    I'm sorry to hear that. At least he made friends with kind individuals like you during his lifetime. I'm sure that friendship made him more content then he would've been otherwise. I hope so.
  5. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    It is unfortunate to hear that the Deckromacy webmaster passed away. :(

    It's probably good that the site is no longer function, sinceDeckromacy was / had been stealing resources that were created by members of the faking community (i.e. those people who do spend the time making cards in Photoshop) and rebranding them as their own.

    That doesn't detract from my condolences of course. It is unfortunate that the circumstances surrounding the close were so sad. :/
  6. TropicHawk Aspiring Trainer


    From everything I've heard about how compassionate and generous the guy was, I highly doubt Brandon intentionally did anything unfair. He used a replication of the product of another's hard work, and built upon it to create an entirely new, fun, inoffensive tool for others to use for personal, non-profitable enjoyment. The main issue with this lies not in his use of another's work, but in whether or not proper credit was given to the original artists on his site. If it were, there shouldn't be any issue here, and were it not, the solution is simply to edit the web pages and do so. The whole site shutting down would, in my book, not be an acceptable resolution were it under the pretense of resolving this issue, as it completely destroys what Brandon had created in the process without any real need to. Regardless, I suppose where I stand hardly matters at this point. This issue has nothing to do with why the site shut down anyway. Still, I do want to state that I apologize for the way I worded my initial post here. I realize the way I phrased myself when I spoke about making cards through Photoshop probably made it seem like I don't respect the amount of time and effort others place into such a craft, but that isn't the case. What I had meant to portray was that, while I too can be patient about the things I want to devote my life towards, such as writing, I don't have the same level of patience for a hobby such as this. Which is exactly why I respect those who do. When I make Pokemon cards, I do so so I can print them off and keep them to myself, purely due to how much I like holding on to the various cards I make. Which means that, while I still want to make my cards of a decent quality, I also want to have a lot of them I can sift through. That said, trying to create such a large quantity of unique cards through Photoshop is a massive time investment on a scale I can't calculate. Deckromancy took that process and streamlined it, and though there are several other sites that do just the same, Deckromancy was indisputably the most polished, professional one of the bunch. Nothing else even came close. That is what I meant. I was just upset over realizing Deckromancy was gone, and I had a hard time wording myself the way I wanted to. I apologize.
  7. Luplayz The Master of bad Pokemon


    not my name, but im fine ig and this should probably not be in this thread
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    Where should we chat then?
  9. Vom back to the usual she-ra pfps

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    You can chat either through private conversations (click the name, then Start a Conversation) or through profile comments on the site. Either way, Luplayz is correct in that it shouldn't be on this thread.
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