Finished Werewolf XXII: The Reign of Terror - Town Wins

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GM DracLord

Shadow of Death
Luispipe8 said:
Jean-Paul Marat [GM Draclord]
You are a radical journalist who fights for the Jacobin cause. You have a fierce uncompromising stance towards the revolution, France’s old leaders, and the basic human rights of the poorest members of society. Although, the most famous use for your journalistic endeavors is accusing people of being royal sympathizers.

Passive Effect: Journalist
You may access the meeting place and converse with all other writers for the Jacobin newspaper the L'Ami du peuple.

Passive Effect: Committee of Public Safety
As a leading Jacobin you may access the all-town Committee of Public Safety and converse with its members.

Ability: News Headline
Each night you must submit a vote in the Quick Topic for the L'Ami du peuple’s official as a recommendation for lynch. As editor, your vote is worth weight is 2 within L'Ami du peuple. That person will receive a +3 Vote Count on the following day.

Ability: Front Page Information
Each night you may PM me a 15 word or less sentence. That sentence will be posted in the day update.

Win Condition: Town Wins

Anyway. What happen to sillykyle


its back boys and girls
TheGuy said:
TheGuy said:
Maximilien de Robespierre [Lenny]
As President of the National Convention and Member of the Committee of Public Safety you advocated for such radical ideas as the abolition of slavery, the equality of rights, and universal suffrage. Your reputation has been tarnished though by your ruthless killing of your political enemies.

Passive Effect: Committee of Public Safety
As a leading Jacobin you may access the all-town Committee of Public Safety and converse with its members.

Passive Effect: The Tide of the Guillotine
With the lynching of each additional royal sympathizer you will gain an extra ability. However, if three townsmen are lynched in a row you will die.

Hidden Ability: A Great Dream
One Per Game you may PM me the name of a player. You will be sent that player’s role PM.

Hidden Ability 2: Auto-Lynch
One Per Game you may post “##Lynch: name”. The day will end and that player will be lynched.

Hidden Ability 3: Spy
Once per game (during the night) you may PM me asking to activate this ability. You will gain a random quote from that night’s scum chatlog, names of scum will be censored.

Hidden Ability 4: You’re Coming With Me
If you are killed your killer will also die. Being Lynched will also kill the first person to vote for you.

Win Condition: Town Wins

I gotta say, I think that's the most powerful role I've ever had in any WW game. I would have died much sooner with just a little bit more bad luck. If any of our multi-lynches resulted in several townies killed, I would die pretty quick but we got really lucky.

Good job TheGuy, I look forward to seeing you make more games in the future!


Miss the game
Yeah, I'd just like to say great game TheGuy. The roles were really interesting and well-thought.


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Player/ Role Evaluation Below:

1. Camoclone - Stéphanie Clément - Killed by Royals Night 1

Camoclone had some promise if you hadn't died so early. Hit scum Night 0 (Even though you got a safe claim) and alex the second night. Not much analyzation can be given for someone who lived one day.

2. sillykyle!

silykyle wasn't very active this game so there really isn't a lot to go off of for this one.

3. Celever - Béatrice Astor - Committed Suicide Night 3

I'd applaud your ease at noticing your lover's identity, I kind of feel that I made it a little bit too easy to notice but good job nonetheless, your death was a necessary one for the town at least.

4. Haunted Water - Gerolf Steinway - Lynched Day 6

The Invaders were doomed from the start because of their lack of activity. Had you been more active you probably could have had a more active and cohesive team and evaded lynch for quite a bit longer.

5. Professor Palutena

If PP's vote had been 10 minutes earlier this game would still be going on. Thanks to him for jumping in the middle of a game on a doomed faction. I just wish he could have been able to get into it more.

6. Teal - Louis Antoine de Saint-Just - Killed by Invaders Night 3

Teal was doing extremely well for when he was alive. As mentioned by your fellow Safety Committee members you were an excellent part of the team. The moment the Invaders saw your role though they rightfully so kill you (but at least you got one of them too!)

7. rev3rsor - Simone Achard - Killed Night 5 by Royalists

This is probably one of the roles that I'm most proud of because of how innovate it was. I'm glad to see it had such a great affect on the game. I knew when I sent rev the PM about grant killing Lenny he would reply "NO!" after reading the information I'd sent him just a few nights before from the scum chat about how they wanted to kill Lenny soon.

8. TwistedTurtwig

Thanks for hanging in there. The scum team had it tough this game and Twisted really kept the team running as Alpha after grant died. I'd give him scum MVP if longevity was the only component but he was suspected for the last few days for obvious reasons.

9. PMJ - Elizabeth Petit - Killed by Invaders Night 2

I'd probably give scum MVP to PMJ because nobody expected him to be scum after pushing so hard for SF's lynch on Day 1. I thought it was pretty admirable considering I'd done a similar thing the game before. Definitely got double unlucky by Porygon-X seering him so early and then being randomly killed by the Invaders.

10. alex

I was really excited for this role when I created. It was innovative and had a very creative Win Condition and I really wanted to see how people would react to a player with such a large vote count in later days. I definitely think that one of alex's mistakes was revealing his vote count so easily. I think that he needed to be disguising your vote count once it got up to 3 and 4 and people really started to catch on and worry about him reaching 6.

11. Keeper of Night - Jacque-René Hébert - Stabbed in the Back Day 7

Definitely Town MVP. I was really surprised when I read Keeper's post that mentioned as top suspects every single Anti-Town that was left alive. It was then I knew that any chance the other factions had was gone so long as people went along with him and when they did it solidified Keeper as Town MVP.

12. GM Draclord

Draclord had a really powerful role that I'm glad lasted the whole game because he got to lead the journalist group, be an announcer, and a mason in one. I especially enjoyed how he linked the Journalist Group with the Safety Committee. Played it well and played it correctly.

13. Scorched Feathers - Queen Marie Antoinette - Lynched Day 1

SF's death is what caused everything to go downhill for the scum team. They lost what was arguably their most powerful role (the recruiter that would have linked the Invader faction with the Royal faction) and led to some other revelations for the town. Not much can be said for someone who is lynched Day 1.

14. Jeremy1026

I think it's interesting that one of the town's staple power roles was one of the most suspicious people near the end of the game. Had it not been Twisted, it would have been Jeremy. Jeremy needs to get some credit though for saving Keeper from not only a scum kill but an Invader kill as well in the same night.

15. Porygon-X

Porygon became leader of the Invader faction almost by default of being the most active member. I'd definitely say he played well directing the kill for the Invaders and hitting with his seer ability 2 scum in a short amount of time.

16. Kecleon-X - Micheline Longo - Lynched Day 5

If I remember correctly, Kecleon was the lone townsman lynched. The one thing that troubled me is why he tracked Luis multiple times when it was mostly confirmed that he was a vote striker and wasn't using any ability.

17. Meaty - Marquis de Lafayette - Killed by Invaders Night 1

Not much to give considering how early he died.

18. Cinesra - Jeannie Makélélé - Killed by Invaders Night 5

It's pretty shocking how consistently Cinesra role blocked anti-town (I believe it was half the time). Definitely some congratulations to him for that.

19. grantm1999 - King Louis XVI - Lynched Day 3

grant was doing pretty well as Alpha Werewolf it's a shame though for his sake that rev3rsor caught him so quickly. Definitely a strong player who played it well but he had no way of knowing that his secret conversations were actually being read.

20. Chaos Jackal

I'm going to give CJ quite a bit of credit. He used his ability seer ability to his strong advantage by putting together the most compelling evidence to condemn Porygon-X and then to weaken his own role to save himself from night kill was a smart move.

21. Lenny

If there's anyone to be considered for Town MVP besides Keeper, I think it's Lenny. Lenny played an excellent game noticing important things in posts (Just read the Safety Committee QuickTopic). I knew it was over for PP when Lenny posted their noticing the ##Lynch of Keeper.

22. Wailord_2 - Marie-José Montillet - Killed by Invaders Night 6

Interesting role to join a group. Joining the journalists was a good move, although I was hoping to see a change of alignment that could have shaken up the game with a new scum member or something.

23. Lugia123 - The Mime - Modkilled Day 1

I can't analyze a role that didn't really get played.

24. Guts - Josephine (Joseph) Touvier - Modkilled Night 1

ditto from above.

25. Ice Espeon

Ice was also one of the strongest players (as was the whole Safety Committee). I'd give him some deal of credit for being active in the lynchings of a number of Anti-Towns although the one townie lynched was his idea.

26. Electimortar - Franz Astor - Killed by Teal Night 3

Was far too inactive for me to give any information.

27. Machamp the Champion - Jacques-Pierre Brissot - Lynched Day 4

I really wanted to see your janitor role used and how it affected the game, it's a shame TT performed every kill for the scum team. MTC definitely got screwed over by the fact that everyone knew he was scum by Day 4.

28. Reinforce

Consistently won the card game. Hey, he passed the club to Lenny allowing him to finish off the game.

29. Drohn - Pierre Renoir - Killed by Royals Night 3

I honestly don't remember much from how long ago this was.

30. Luispipe8

There's always a stereotypical newbie player and this game it was Luis but he learned pretty quickly. It was extremely smart for him to use his vote striker on alex every night near the end. After the initial learning curve, I'd definitely say Luis improved quite a bit this game.

If there's a td;lr for this game it would be: Scum gets lynched Day 1 and then the town with the combined powers of skill and good luck take out all members of the anti-town factions fairly quickly.

The link below will take you to my master document that contains all of the roles and Night Actions so take a look:

And here are the Quick Topics:
Lovers' Thread
Journalist Thread
Committee of Public Safety Thread
Invaders' Thread
Scum Thread

Thanks for the compliments everyone. My goal for this game was to create some new role ideas and game mechanics and I'm glad that everyone enjoyed them although we can all agree that the multiple lynch thing was over powered and if anyone tried to implement it again they should probably find some way to make it weaker.

Thanks For Playing Everyone!


Wild War Dance
TheGuy said:
29. Drohn - Pierre Renoir - Killed by Royals Night 3

I honestly don't remember much from how long ago this was.
I died quite early, but I would say my best accomplishment in this game was recognising SF's scummy behaviour on D1 and changing the bandwagon from alex to SF. This prevented him from using the recruiting role and making the scum faction bigger. Besides that I was the first to post Electrimortar was likely scum based on celever's role claim, which eventually got him killed quickly (awesome job, Teal!). Then soon after that I died. It was too bad Lugia123 got my ability by mistake and then publicly revealed it. I might have lived longer if that wasn't the case, but since Reinforce was still playing the card game for town it wouldn't really matter, so it wasn't a huge loss.

Looking back, it would have been nice to do a multi lynch on alex and SF on D1, since both were anti-town. From the natures of their roles I'm glad we went after SF D1, though, since it could have made a major difference if he recruited more scum.


I tracked Luis so much because I was convinced that he either had an anti-town role and was scum, or at the very least he and alex could not be on the same side, and I was right for the latter. I just had to catch him slip up once, but alas such a time never came to pass.

@TheGuy: So wait, Luis' role was made to nerf alex's, yes? Was I correct in my deduction?


Well, I had good and bad this game:
-Nailed alex D1
-Nailed Electimortar as Invader p quickly
-Didn't completely trust PMJ (not because of anything he did, but I'm just saying that you should never fully trust someone in these games because faking is surprisingly easy. I want to be a scummie in a game on this site soon, I'm much better as mafia than as village :()

-Almost stopped SF from being lynched
-Almost stopped grant from being lynched

Still, I would say this is my worst game I've ever played. I don't feel so bad knowing that I did have to die in order for the village to win, so it was better for me to die early on. Dying later on can really throw the numbers, especially in a multi-faction game, because if, hypothetically, the scum team was doing really well and we nailed Electimortar as scum, my dying could have actually cost the village the game. That said, it doesn't excuse my play.

Fantastic job KoN. I'm sort of disappointed that you did end up dying right before the finishing line, but that's not disappointment at you as much as just a general disappointment about things. I can't blame you for leading the village to victory, right? :p

Really quite annoyed that Electimortar was inactive though. I think that a hypothetical relationship where the invaders worked with the village through my partner and I to rat out the much larger and more threatening Royalists faction would have been absolutely amazing. Things like that have worked before in NOC, but it is a very risky strategy, and I feel like my preaching may have fallen on deaf ears. Either way, it is a very interesting setup, TheGuy, and I like the majority of your new roles. I tend to dislike shared roles such as your card game, just because it feels a little bit like filler, but I think your card game was probably the best example of a "competitive" role I've seen, so good job with that! The mime could have been really interesting, too, but oh well ;~;

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Reading the scummy and less-than-scummy chats.

MtC, I don't always target you. D:
Drac, my role wasn't stolen, sadly. I really had no special abilities at all, which led me to pay more attention to the thread.
...Did you try to kill me twice, TT? :(


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Jeremy1026 said:
What kind of items were won in the card game?

There was a club that had a 20% chance of killing the person you PM'd me. There was a dinner that prevented you from using a role that night. There was an item that caused the holder to lose their vote. There was one that gave the holder an extra vote. And there was a trophy that prevented the next person who targeted the holder's action to fail.

Kecleon-X said:
@TheGuy: So wait, Luis' role was made to nerf alex's, yes? Was I correct in my deduction?

It wasn't created to Nerf alex but it certainly was able to as it did.


its back boys and girls
Chaos Jackal said:
Oh, come on. Lenny thought I was scum for like half the game?
*slams door

Haha my instincts don't always lead me in the right direction. At least I didn't club you! :p

Machamp The Champion

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Keeper of Night said:
MtC, I don't always target you. D:

You have quite often. For very good reason, as I've been scum all those games. In the Attack on DC one, you Seered me (or something similar) and got me lynched, then in Troll Mafia you roleblocked me when there was no scum kill (you blocking me didn't prevent the kill; it wasn't our turn to kill), and I think there was one more I'm missing. It's all good, though. Can't blame you for guessing correctly. :p

GM DracLord

Shadow of Death
##KoN i though you did your role seem too simple

##TheGuy how come sillykyle stay in game despite extremely low post.. Or did he send action to you

##i guess i wasnt much of a threat since the invader can risk me being alive.. Which turn out good.
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